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Panggil Guruku, Subang Children’s Education Startup Still Exists

Panggil Guruku, Subang Children's Education Startup Still Exists

Panggil Guruku, an original educational startup created by the sons and daughters of the Subang region, in its third year of work, strengthening its existence in contributing to the advancement of education. 

The step to Panggil Guruku did not stop even in the midst of a pandemic, it became a real solution for people who needed access to learning assistance when schools implemented online learning. 

Two national-scale events, namely a Webinar and an online Workshop with the theme “Effective and Interesting Learning in the Midst of a Pandemic”, also successfully held Panggil Guruku in the midst of a pandemic, which is proof of dedication to the world of education. 

Panggil Guruku, Subang Children's Education Startup Still Exists

Calling GuruKu’s gait is becoming more and more national as it has made various achievements, the last achievement that Called GuruKu achieved was being the winner of a startup assisted by PPII LIPI and being nominated for a National MSME award. 

Pangil GuruKu participated in various national and international events, such as the Creative on Economic World conference, Asia Europe Meeting Passionpreneurs, Indonesia Innovation Forum, and Go Startup Indonesia. 

So that various supports and appreciations also flowed from government officials, local governments, academics and stakeholders. 

Panggil GuruKu, the platform needed by the Indonesian people where teachers come to students and teachers not only teach knowledge, but it is hoped that discussions with students will indirectly build character education and personalize learning occurs. 

A senior academic who is one of the Professors of the Indonesian University of Education, Prof. Dr. H. Dasim Budimansyah, M.Si, said, Panggil Guruku is a startup in the education sector that is very concerned about human resources or teaching staff, not just a marketplace that brings together teaching staff and students. 

Has Expanded and Launched Various Programs 

Now, Panggil Guruku has spread its wings by expanding to the province of Banten by opening a branch in the city of Serang. 

Various programs were launched by Panggil Guruku such as Panggil Guruku Internship Program to support the government’s program for Merdeka Learning, Panggil Guruku Academy, and the Humane Education Program. 

Panggil Guruku, Subang Children's Education Startup Still Exists

CEO Panggil Guruku, Dr. Ika Rahayu, S.Pd, M.Pd said, the existence and achievements of Calling GuruKu certainly cannot be separated from the support of the community, government and stakeholders, and this 3-year journey has not been easy, but full of struggles. 

“Therefore, I would like to thank my Guru who is at the forefront and the management who is always tireless in making works and innovations in realizing the vision and mission, hopefully Calling My Guru will always be useful for others,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the 3rd anniversary of Calling Guruku was held virtually, last Friday (20/8). Attended by various invited guests who contributed to support the efforts of Calling Guruku. 

On that occasion, appreciation from the Regent of Subang, H Ruhimat and the Head of the Education and Culture Office of Subang Regency Tatang Komara were conveyed. Both of them congratulated and appreciated Calling Guruku who helped advance education in Subang. 

In addition, the 3rd-anniversary commemoration event was filled with congratulations from stakeholders. This includes cutting the cone and handing out certificates of appreciation to stakeholders. 

The Number of Edutech Users Can Grow by Double Digits 

The growth in the number of start-up users in the field of educational technology is predicted to grow to double digits by the end of 2021. People outside Java are believed to be the catalyst. 

Panggil Guruku, Subang Children's Education Startup Still Exists

For your information, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the government will focus policies in the Draft Revenue and Expenditure Budget or RAPBN 2022 on six things, one of which is the infrastructure that supports technology adaptation in expanding internet access and supporting online learning processes. 

Based on the draft Financial Note for Fiscal Year 2022, the government has prepared an education budget of Rp541.7 trillion. The funds are prioritized for several activities, such as improving teacher competence, strengthening vocational and character education. 

The government also focuses on using the budget to support online learning activities, especially in areas that have not been reached by the internet.