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Kestrel Advocates Outcome-based Security Solutions For Effective Threat Detection And Management

Kestrel Advocates Outcome-based Security Solutions For Effective Threat Detection And Management

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 23 August 2021 – Kestrel Investigation and Services Pte Ltd (“Kestrel”), a premier security company in Singapore, promises to help companies, organisations and asset owners get more efficient at detecting and managing security threats on their premises with outcome-based solutions that cuts resource utilisation and costs at the same time.

A traditionally manpower-intensive sector, the security service industry has gone through much change in recent years, especially on the technological front with the government’s drive and support towards digitalisation as part of the Security Industry Transformation Map, going beyond security guard services to deliver holistic and comprehensive security solutions.

Even so, these digital applications for the most part, provide peripheral functionality and support to the security manpower detail rather than as an operational replacement, which actually in many situations increase operational costs in the form of additional equipment and system purchase as well as training on how to use them.

Kestrel believes that all these will change with the adoption of outcome-based solutions, and is committed to making security protection and management a much more effective and efficient affair by aligning their service offering to the outcome-based approach.

AI and Automation at the Heart of Outcome-based Security Solutioning

A central component of outcome-based security solutioning is the integral use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, as well as digital messaging communication, throughout the entire security workflow. 

Instead of a resource allocation mindset by which most conventional security solutions are structured, an outcome-based approach first identifies the required outcomes in a security environment setup, and then puts in place the processes and systems to automate the monitoring and protection necessary to achieve those outcomes.

By doing so, the objectives are achieved with an efficient utilisation of resources that does not undermine effectiveness, saving time and money for both the service provider and the client.

An example of this is Kestrel’s Automatic License Plate Recognition System. Sensors and cameras at the gantry intelligently detect the presence of vehicles and automatically process their imagery to identify and record license plate numbers together with relevant datetimes of entry and exit. These records are also automatically matched against a database to alert any presence of unauthorised vehicles. 

Organisations can reduce their total security expenses by 30% upon adopting such an implementation.

Increased Responsiveness with Integrated Communications

Another key aspect of an outcome-based approach to security services is the ability to be alerted and notified of any incident or occurrence with immediacy and clarity, such that a prompt response can be provided.

Kestrel’s Security Management and Alert System (“SMAS”) addresses this by weaving communication on multiple gadgets such as GPS, walkie-talkie, island-wide communication, SOS, body-worn camera, and clocking device – into a single centralised platform, eliminating the chance of information missed out or not passed on as intended, particularly in the event of emergencies.

This significantly improves communication efficiency while reducing the possibility of disputes or ignorance, not to mention the savings that can be achieved from a reduction in manpower allocation by as much as 25%. 

The system has also been instrumental in helping Kestrel achieve and maintain its top grading score awarded by the relevant authorities year after year that distinguishes the best performance security agencies in the market.

Driving Innovation for the Security of the Future

“We strongly believe that by marrying the principles of risk assessment with an outcome-based approach to setting up and implementing security operations, threats can be detected more efficiently and mitigated with swifter and better responses, which is especially crucial in the fast-paced environment that we reside in today”, said Mr. Al Chiang, Managing Director of Kestrel.

The push on outcome-based security solutions represents but just the initial step of Kestrel’s long term commitment towards continuous innovation in the field of operational security and threat detection, constantly redefining the parameters of what an intelligent security ecosystem of the future will look like. 

To find out more about Kestrel’s security solutions and security guard services, visit https://www.kestrelis.com/.