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Optimize Online Business Management through Komerce Startup

Optimize Online Business Management through Komerce

Digitalization is a necessity in today’s era. Almost all businesses are now utilizing the digital market to expand their business and market their products/services.

However, business people often find it difficult to run their online business. To help run their online business, business actors will recruit employees who focus on developing online businesses.

Not infrequently the recruited talent has not been optimal in achieving the desired target. Didi Setiadi, Marketing & Communication Manager of Komerce explained, many online businesses and MSMEs do not have the time and knowledge to manage their business.

Optimize Online Business Management through Komerce Startup

In addition, the high cost of studying and meeting the needs of talent that is hired independently makes business people and MSMEs think twice about finding employees who help them maximize their business.

Inspired by this, Komerce is here as a technology-based startup that is here to support the advancement of online businesses and MSMEs in Indonesia.

Initially Launched as Kampung Marketer

Initially, this startup from Purbalingga, Central Java, came with the name Kampung Marketer in 2017. Then in early 2021 it officially changed its name to Komerce.

“We help online businesses to grow, we help maximize their business in the sense that it’s not from zero, right. So we help optimize their online business through our talents,” said Didi.

Currently, there are three services available at Komerce, namely, Customer Service, Advertiser and Marketplace Admin. With Komerce, business people can recruit talent for their online business development more easily.

Optimize Online Business Management through Komerce Startup

Didi explained, Komerce provides client/partner solutions to build an e-commerce team easily and cheaply, anytime and anywhere.

The advantages of Komerce are that it has educated talent, supervised by experienced talent leads, secure product and business partner privacy, affordable costs and not bound by contracts.

“The number of our talents currently is 542 people. So, for example, business clients in Jakarta, our online business is handled by our talent in Purbalingga. For partners or clients who use Komerce, there are 234 business actors, be it big businesses or SMEs,” explained Didi.

Meanwhile, the business actors who become Komerce’s partners still come from Java Island and are dominated by Central Java.

There Is a Decline in Partners due to Pandemic

During this pandemic, Didi revealed that there was a decline in the number of Komerce clients/partners by around 25%. If in the past there were 800 active talents, now there are only 542 active talents.

“We haven’t opened hiring yet, if there are new clients we will use talents who are still non-jobs, there are 300 of them. We are also helping local sons and daughters so they can get jobs and they don’t have to bother overseas either,” he explained.

As for the talent payroll system, Komerce uses the standard basic salary and bonuses. Or it could be partners using the UMR benchmark for Purbalingga Regency for talent payroll used in Komerce.

Optimize Online Business Management through Komerce Startup

For Komerce’s business model, Didi revealed that he did not deduct fees from talent salaries. Instead, Komerce set a monthly administration fee for partners.

Administrative costs are used for the operational performance of new talent and the rest is for management. Currently Komerce’s management team consists of about 50 people.

“We don’t want to cut talent salaries. The administrative fee is IDR 500,000 per month per one talent. The more people hired, the less admin fees can be up to IDR 250,000. If there is only one, the admin fee is IDR 500,000 per month. If there are more than 5 talents, IDR 300,000 per talent. For 30 talents per talent, IDR 250,000, “he said.

To monitor talent performance, Komerce partners will use the Komerce application. Through this application, partners can monitor starting from their daily online business reports, attendance, to talent performance.

This year Komerce will still focus on application development. It is hoped that the application in the future will be able to cover all business development needs of partners. Currently Didi mentions that the invoice itself is still done conventionally.