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OLX Autos Indonesia Service is Now Available at JD.ID

OLX Autos Indonesia Service is Now Available at JD.ID

JD.ID has just announced a collaboration with OLX Autos Indonesia. Through this collaboration, all JD.ID customers can now access one of the main OLX Autos services, namely OLX Autos Buy-Sell-Exchange.

Later, JD.ID customers can choose and get quality used cars because they have passed the OLX Autos team inspection process. This collaboration is also expected to make it easier for people to get the car they dream of.

Apart from being guaranteed quality used cars, customers can also get other services, such as seven-day money-back guarantee, a 30-day engine warranty, a home test drive, and a one-year buy-back guarantee.

OLX Autos Indonesia Service is Now Available at JD.ID

“This time with OLX Autos, JD.ID is very happy to collaborate to present a new way for users to enjoy easy access and various attractive offers for automotive products,” said JD.ID CFO, Sandy Permadi, in an official statement, Friday (21/5 / 2021).

In line with Sandy, OLX Indonesia’s Classified & New Business Director, Agung Iskandar, said that his party was very happy with this collaboration. Moreover, the market reach and various payment options offered by JD.ID will make it easier to carry out car buying and selling transactions.

“Through this collaboration with JD.ID, we hope to provide a safe, easy, comfortable, and reliable experience to the wider community in buying and selling used cars,” he continued.

Later, transactions made at JD.ID can be done offline and online. This collaboration is also referred to as the commitment of JD.ID and OLX Autos Indonesia to encourage economic recovery in Indonesia which is still affected by the pandemic.

Strengthening Omnichannel Strategy, Hypermart Manager Collaborates with JD.ID

On the other hand, Matahari Putra Prima, the manager of Hypermart, collaborates with JD.ID as an e-commerce company which is an affiliate of JD.com to strengthen the omni-channel strategy.

Collaboration between PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk and JD.ID to complete the selection of quality food products and household needs and #DijaminOri on the ‘online shopping’ platform owned by JD.ID.

“Our presence at JD.ID will further expand the reach of our omnichannel,” said Director-Corporate Secretary & PR, MPPA, Danny Kojongian in a video conference on Wednesday (5/5/2021).

OLX Autos Indonesia Service is Now Available at JD.ID

Previously, MPPA was known to have collaborated with a number of marketplaces. By joining JD.ID, it will strengthen the company’s collaboration with the leading and well-known marketplaces in Indonesia today.

Unlike the previous collaboration, this time PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk deployed 30 stores at the same time in the Jakarta and surrounding areas to join the JD.ID application from the previous 23 stores.

“This is a record for us, which is 30 stores in Jabotabek which today are available online on the JD.ID platform,” he said.

JD.ID Wants to Present a Profitable Shopping Platform for Users

On the same occasion, Head of Offline Business, JD.ID, Eyvette Tung said that his party is determined to present an online shopping platform that is not only profitable and makes it easier for customers.

However, also for sellers as business partners by launching a new feature called the nearby shop. In this feature, online shop entrepreneurs can register their shop based on location which allows JD.ID or Sahabat JD customers to choose the closest store location.

OLX Autos Indonesia Service is Now Available at JD.ID

“We believe that this partnership can provide many benefits for our platform because MPPA is one of the largest retail companies in Indonesia in terms of providing fresh food products to household needs,” he said.

Through this collaboration, it is hoped that the two companies can show their commitment to continue to provide an easy, comfortable and safe shopping experience for their customers, especially ahead of the upcoming Lebaran holidays.

Going forward, MPPA will add more online stores to participate in this existing collaboration and develop more new collaborations with other leading marketplace operators in Indonesia.