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Office Break Room Ideas to Make Better Workspace for Employees

Office Break Room Ideas to Make Better Workspace for Employees

The best office break room ideas can make better workplaces for employees. It’s no secret that breaks are an important part of employee productivity. Research shows that taking a lunch break allows employees to distress and recharge for the rest of their workday. Here, a break room makes a good choice.

Dedicating a comfortable room for employees to unwind is a must for designing a better workplace. Not only do you persuade them to take breaks, but you also help boost their commitment and overall job satisfaction within the process. But, how can we do to create the best office break room?

Well, Google can always be a great example when we are talking about office break room ideas. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to start providing catered food and design sleeping pods for employees as Google does. It can be great to do so, but there are also other possible options available.

In some cases, you just need to jazz up your break room a bit and transform it into a happy place for every employee. To help you accomplish your goal, we’ve put together some tips and ideas below. There’s also information which is worth noting for. So, let’s check them out.

How Break Room Improves Your Office Culture

Before learning more about some ideas and tips on how to create the best office break room, you will want to know several good reasons to design this space first. The reason behind a lot of office break room ideas out there is due to the benefits offered by the area.

  • Promote teamwork

The first benefit is improved social interaction and teamwork. By having a common space that can be accessed by everyone, you have offered a chance for interaction between your employees. By knowing and understanding each other, your employees can work better as a team. Consequently, it encourages better profit.

  • Maximize productivity

A break room can make sure your employees refresh their mind within works. Since they are contented and refreshed, they can perform better in the office. Simple perks like free snacks, fresh coffee, and fruit baskets can help them feel valued and diminish stress levels.

  • Stimulate creativity

Office break room ideas can fulfill the need of disconnecting and changing the working environment. A shift in the working environment has been known as a good way to encourage creativity. It can be achieved by incorporating an office break room. Consider making it different from the rest of the office.

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Things to Consider When Creating Office Break Room

You have already known how important an office break room is. There are a few things you must consider when building an excellent break room. First of all, you should select a comfortable seating. Consider employing a range of different seating options. And here are the other things to consider.

  • Collaborative tables

Many office break room ideas propose to get a collaborative table. This is because a break room makes a perfect space to enjoy some spare time and do a collaboration with other teams outside the desk environment. For this reason, you can incorporate several tables for casual meetings.

  • Kitchen appliances

An office sometimes becomes the second home. That’s why you should consider adding kitchen appliances and supplies in the break room. This way, employees can have breakfast or lunch in the office. Thus, there will be no employees who aren’t focused because they forgot to take breakfast.

  • Fun

If your break room is spacious enough to hold more than seating and kitchen area, add some fun elements in it. These office break room ideas can help your employees get rid of that physical and mental stress after work. Adding recreational games is enough.

Must-Have Supplies in Office Break Room

Then, what should we include in the office break room? Some essentials are needed to make the most of your break room. For instance, the kitchen area may require a coffee machine, a variety of snacks, and a vending machine. And here are the must-have supplies.

  • Book and magazine

We cannot deny that some people release their stress through reading a book. That’s why incorporating a bookshelf with a variety of books and magazines can be a good idea. You can get a magazine subscription to make sure your employees always have something to read.

  • Foosball table

Many office break room ideas include foosball table in it. Playing foosball during the break time allows your employee to do something fun which doesn’t stress them out. It can help them unwind too. Instead of the foosball table, you can consider ping pong or pool table.

  • Massage chair

If budget isn’t a problem, you can also consider adding full body massage chair in the break room. Some products can help relieve tension and unravel any muscles in a few minutes only. It will be helpful if your employees often feel stiff from sitting all day.

Break Room Ideas for Every Budget

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to create a comfortable office break room. You can even transform an empty corner in your office into a place to unwind. You won’t need expensive office break room ideas. Just a few comfortable bean bag chairs would be helpful.

Arrange the bean bag chairs near a window so that your employees can see the outside world and get relax. You can incorporate a small bookshelf around it as decoration. Another easy idea is creating a small coffee bar. Keep the supplies fully packed for convenience.

If budget isn’t an issue, you can create a kind of recreational room that includes everything. You can make the room multiuse by packing it with a corner bar, small library, games equipment, and collaborative tables. You can even include gym supplies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, an office break room is necessary to keep employees productive and happy within their works. It can be an interesting benefit to attract the best employees as well. Now, you can use some of these office break room ideas to make better workspace for your employees.