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Menimize Presents the Latest 3D Modeling Technology

Menimize Presents the Latest 3D Modeling Technology

This claim was read as an interesting opportunity by two young people, Johanes Salikin and Irene Nadya. With the support of 3D technology that is growing so rapidly, they have succeeded in making 3D modeling innovations under the name Menimize.

Now the demands of action figure connoisseurs are increasing, not only hunting for new collections, but also wanting their figures to become figures in 3D like their collection of action figures.

Menimize, a start-up company engaged in the 3-dimensional (3D) technology industry, introduces the Menimize studio.

The existence of the Menimize studio is to provide a new experience in the 3D modeling industry by presenting a number of figures, model kits, and toys.

Menimize Presents the Latest 3D Modeling Technology

Menimize’s Chief Marketing Officer Irene Nadya said that Menimize’s innovation was born from a passion and hobby for action figures, model kits, and various types of toys.

Irene sees that fans of action figures, model kits, and toys are bored with the monotony of things because they want different things.

This can be seen from the increasing interest in customizing a toy according to their wishes and style. Reading these conditions, Menimize studio is here to provide a new experience that has never existed before.

“Supported by the rapid development of technology, especially 3-dimensional modeling, we see that this is an opportunity to innovate by creating a customized figure to answer these needs,” said Irene in a press release, Saturday (19/6/2021).

Creates Asia’s First Portable 3D Camera Machine

At the same time, Menimize also released The Menimizer, the first Portable 3D Camera in Asia which was designed and developed by the Menimize team of engineers from Indonesia.

Irene said the presence of The Menimizer is inseparable from the increasing need for 3D and Computer Aided Design (CAD). The Menimizer is designed with the latest technology to answer all modeling needs in a practical, fast and accurate manner.

“We developed The Menimizer with a compact design so that it can be installed in a 3×3 meter room. This is expected to be able to answer needs ranging from documentation, making 3D digital assets to figures,” said Irene.

Menimize Presents the Latest 3D Modeling Technology

The Menimizer is composed of 17 poles with a total of 119 cameras embedded across the mast. The Menimizer is able to take objects thoroughly with High Definition quality in just 3 seconds.

Menimize presents 2 superior products, including digital files, figures, and provides rental services for The Menimizer.

The results of The Menimizer are not limited to figures, but can be in the form of 3D digital assets that can be processed into 3D models and animations and their derivatives.

Irene explained that the login process to The Menimizer only takes 3 seconds and is sent to the computer for the rendering process. Later it can be selected to digital assets or 3D printed.

Offering Prices starting from IDR 300 Thousand

The prices offered start from IDR 300 thousand to IDR 5 million. From the photo to the processing it takes 7 working days due to hand painted coloring.

Menimize Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Johanes Salikin hopes that with the presence of a series of products, innovations and technology from Menimize and The Menimizer, they can answer various needs ranging from 3D assets, figure customization, and others.

Menimize Presents the Latest 3D Modeling Technology

“More than that, we also hope to be a part of consumers’ lives to capture various precious moments,” he explained.

Johanes said the initial investment and capital to establish Menimize was around Rp 2 billion. He targets that by December, the break event point (BEP) has been reached.

To be able to make 3D model figures, customers can directly visit Menimize Studio at Plaza Indonesia Level 2.

Currently, Menimize is collaborating with one of the big BTS fanbases in Indonesia and displaying Menimize’s BTS figures at an exhibition held at Plaza Indonesia.

Figures of the BTS members will also be sold and 15% of the proceeds from the sale of the BTS member figures will be donated to UNICEF for malnourished children.