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LinkAja Becomes a Payment Option at GrabFood

LinkAja Becomes a Payment Option at GrabFood

LinkAja started to expand its services in Grab’s ecosystem since officially collaborating last November. Now, LinkAja is a payment option on GrabFood‘s food delivery service. Previously, LinkAja had entered the Grab ecosystem as a partner to fill sources of funds on the GrabBike, GrabCar, and GrabExpress services.

Haryati Lawidjaja, President Director of LinkAja, said that LinkAja’s move to become a payment partner in the Grab ecosystem is a form of strategic collaboration between the two companies in expanding and strengthening their digital ecosystem.

“This is also a form of our commitment to make it easy for users to be able to enjoy digital financial services in fulfilling the essential needs of the community in terms of transportation including food and goods delivery services,” said Haryati in an official statement.

LinkAja Becomes a Payment Option at GrabFood

He also hopes that this partnership can reach more people to get used to using digital wallets in their daily lives, so that the company’s mission to accelerate and increase financial inclusion for the Indonesian people can be achieved immediately.

As Grab’s Effort to Provide More Payment Methods

Meanwhile, Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, said that the integration of the LinkAja service on the Grab platform was the company’s step to provide more non-cash payment methods for various levels of society in Indonesia.

“Integration with GrabFood now makes it easier for LinkAja users to order their favorite food from the leading food delivery service in Indonesia,” said Neneng.

For December 2020 LinkAja offers payment promos for GrabCar, GrabBike, and GrabExpress services in the form of cashback of up to IDR 25,000.

The amount of the cashback promo is given under the scheme of IDR 5,000 after the first to third transactions, and IDR 10,000 after the fourth transaction. This promo is valid for the first 10,000 quotas and is valid from 1 to 31 December 2020.

LinkAja Becomes a Payment Option at GrabFood

Has Previously Worked with Kospin JASA

A synergy of electronic money services for a number of BUMNs, LinkAja, in collaboration with the JASA Savings and Loan Cooperative (Kospin JASA), encourages the development of digitalization of cooperatives by signing an agreement on November 23, 2020.

LinkAja President Director Haryati Lawidjaja said the cooperation of the two parties was in line with the mission of building a digital financial service ecosystem and platform, especially for the middle class and MSMEs in Indonesia.

“This cooperation is a form of our full support for the digitalization of Kospin JASA as one of the largest cooperatives in Indonesia, which houses 300,000 SME players,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Monday, November 30, 2020.

LinkAja Becomes a Payment Option at GrabFood

The scope of the digitalization cooperation between LinkAja and Kospin JASA includes two things, namely easy access to LinkAja balance top-ups for cooperative members through the MJASA application (Mobile Kospin JASA) owned by Kospin JASA, as well as the ease of paying cooperative member loan installments electronically through the LinkAja application.

In the future, various other non-cash conveniences will also be presented through the development of strategic cooperation between the two parties, such as payment of deposits for cooperative members through the LinkAja application and exploring cooperation in the scope of sharia.

Collaboration with LinkAja can Complete Kospin JASA Financial Services

Head of the Kospin JASA Fund Division Isabudin said the collaboration with LinkAja will further complement the existing digital financial services at Kospin JASA. This is in accordance with the mission of Kospin JASA, which is to meet the needs of members and provide excellent service through technology-based service products.

“Therefore, we hope that the cooperation to top up LinkAja balances via the MJASA application between Kospin JASA and LinkAja in the future will develop further based on the spirit of win-win or mutual benefit,” he explained.

Kospin JASA, which has been established since 1973 and headquartered in Pekalongan, is a Savings and Loan Cooperative that provides solutions to overcome the difficulties of small and medium entrepreneurs in obtaining loans as business capital.