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Lenovo VS Asus 2020, Choosing the Best for You

Lenovo VS Asus 2020, Choosing the Best for You

If you are confusing whether choose Lenovo VS Asus 2020, this post is right for you. You may think about the importance of the brand when it comes to choosing a laptop, this is a topic we will tackle.

You need to look at so many areas to decide which one is the best and  to help you get a better understanding of things, we are going to break them down a little.  We will compare by seeing specific categories.

Your decision should be a little easier by reading this information. The four company founders are all previously worked in Acer as hardware engineers, they decided to leave from Acer and create their own company (Asus) in Taiwan, 1989.

Lenovo VS Asus 2020, Choosing the Best for You

This multinational corporation, Asus, is now produced computers, phone hardware, and electronics, it is also an original equipment manufacturer or OEM. So, if you find a brand using Asus-made-parts, it is not unusual, it is one of the most popular brands in this world.

Asus Components and Design

Companies always try to improve their technology so that they can compete with other brands. In this respect, Asus is the same and they often include new components in their models that other brands do not.

  1. components

They started with produce motherboards and in this area, they still have an excellent expertise. Because they are an OEM, no third party takes part in the profits. So, they can keep prices down by using most of their components.

A full HD screen and NanoEdge touch display and also dedicated graphics NVIDIA GeForce have incorporated by some high-end laptops. Processor Kaby Lake R 8th generation has including to Asus in some models, some of their high-end models also have an innovative ScreenPad.

  1. Design

Some stunning machines are produced by Asus. The durable and quality material no matter what the price range, is used to make them. Their design is stylish and almost minimalistic. There are some reports of customers about the downside of the materials.

They found that their machine was scratched and some of the finishes were unlikely to be fingerprints and marks free. But, Asus was the winner of the design awards especially for the ZenBook and the ROG series of models.

The screen pad is an LCD touchscreen and interactive and replaced the old touchpad. It serves as both a multifunctional display and a touchpad. By using Asus, you don’t have to pay extra for the name as with some brands.

Another Excellence of Asus (Asus Features and Price, Product Variety, Brands, Innovation, and Support)

There are a lot of excellent choices for Asus laptop. They have several ranges in each model. No matter whether you are professionals that want to uses it for business purpose or a student who needs it for study essays.

Lenovo VS Asus 2020, Choosing the Best for You

About Lenovo VS Asus, it seems that Asus pricing their laptop fairly. When you compared by looking at their specification’s list compared to another brand, you can see it easily. For example, a $1,300 is the price of Zenbook Flip, it is a good price considering its components.

Great models can even be found to suit all families with their two in one range. They also produce gaming laptops that are recommended for gamers. Asus always bring new models and they do that regularly that make them remain at the forefront of computing.

Some models of Asus have a warranty for one year and some have two, the warranty covers flexible things such as accidents, natural disasters, manufacturing viruses, and third-party viruses. They realize that it’s often the battery that breaks the machine so that they show their commitment.

Lenovo VS Asus 2020

In technology, Lenovo is a multinational company and has a famous name and now, they have over 5,400 employees and this company is originated in China. In PC manufacturing, this platform is one of world’s leading and largest personal computers.

  1. Components

The display size of this one of the best laptops 2020 brand  is smaller.  14 inches is the average size of its screens so they are more portable if compared to other brands. The SSD is including in most models rather than HDD so that it gives reliable performance.

In their budget models, from core i3, processors are varied. An IPS are including in most models that give better color quality. The full HD is including in only some of their models. Other components offered by Lenovo are an anti-spill keyboard, Dolby Audio, Fingerprint scanner, and Kensington Security Lock slot.

  1. Design

The design is not as pretty as the Asus machine. But, although most of their models have a similar designs, you can choose various color options. like most laptops, Lenovo is often smaller and lightweight that makes them ideal to carry around.

The staying power is not always great and can feel thin. If a machine is bobbing or bobbing in the bag, it may not stand the test of time. There are several connection ports in most models that can be a good selection and can prove an easy task.

Lenovo VS Asus 2020, Choosing the Best for You

Another Excellence of Lenovo (Product Variety, Brands, Price, Innovation, and Support)

A full range of laptops is offered by Lenovo but not as wide as the offered variety by Asus. They offer two in one model and offer an incredible selection of small laptops. However, unlike Asus, when it comes to gaming, Lenovo doesn’t offer a fantastic option.

Lenovo is in the ten lists while Asus is often at the top in the bests gaming laptops list, so this could be a consideration for you. It seems that Lenovo machine is more attractive to those who frequently travel on business and for students.

All price ranges of Lenovo laptops from entry-level to premium prices are offered. However, if its components are compared to other brands, they are expensive. For example, there is a model similar to the Asus Zenbook Flip, you will notice a big difference when comparing prices and components.

Lenovo has good solid web support. The length of your warranty is determined by the model you buy. The warranty is applied for one until three years, and it is including free repairs on some models.

Lenovo is slightly more expensive than Asus, but it is still a good price. Each brand offers the things that they stand out from the crowd. After knowing this information, it will be easier to make decisions about Lenovo VS Asus 2020, which brand to choose.

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