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Video Game Console Generations, Compare from Many Aspects

Video Game Console Generations, Compare from Many Aspects

There will always choices faced by every gamer for video game console generations. There is a kind of debate about arguing which is the better and there are several things you can use as consideration to choose the best one.

Both console and PC have their advantages and excellence and they are different. If you are confused to decide between Console games or PC, each part of the debate will be outlined to help you decided which one suits you.

But, the most important thing is to enjoy the games whether using a console or PC because that’s what you want to achieve. The budget, technical skills, and many other factors are kind of consideration that you should pay attention to be a wise gamer.

Video Game Console Generations, Compare from Many Aspects

Gaming PCs VS Video Video Game Console Generations

To make the playing games easier on TV, this is the purpose of the design of a video game console. Not like PC gaming, consoles not require tinkering a little and some technical knowledge. You can use consoles easily.s

By connecting one of the power and using the included HDMI cord so that it can connect to your television and you can start, it is so easy. An internet connection is also needed so that you can play online. 

Consoles are also much cheaper as they are not as flexible as best quality gaming Pcs, and their hardware is fixed. The arrival of new models of consoles are tends to cycle, we usually call it as console generations, which range from several years and up to 8 years. 

Console makers are not as delightful as cell phones or PC manufacturers. So, you will get many entertainment from you. Therefore, be careful because we are getting closer to the end of the console’s eight generations. 

Meaning that there will be a more powerful successor in 2021 that will hit the market. Although this might prevent you from jumping right now that means the price, in the beginning, is more expensive than at the end of the generation.

Playstation VS Xbox VS Switch

The current generation of consoles is defined by three main systems. Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013, 4 years later, the nintendo switch arrived. Since then, the three have updated mid-generation hardware and have divided their line up into higher-end, cheaper options.

The functions of Xbox One and Playsatation 4 are similar. Built on a modified PC architecture, the purpose of the design of the video game console to sit in your living room and bring games with great fidelity to your television.

There are different switches. Although it can be played in HD through your TV, it can be played in handled mode by using a 6-2 inch screen. The screen is attached to the console. But, it needs to be detached from its dock previously. 

For convenience and portability, raw power is limited. There are two significant variations of each system of these three systems. The PlayStation 4 line was split into PS4 slim in 2016 (the base model was replaced), and more powerful PS4 Pro (overall ability and performance has improved).

The base of the Xbox One was taken over by the terrible Xbox Ones S and X box One X, which are the premium options of Microsoft for UHD gaming. In 2019, the switch lite was added to the flip of Nintendo. 

A lighter and cheaper version of the switch that cannot be played back and docked on a TV, it is focused on portability exclusively. Now that the generation has evolved, all three consoles are recommended but different people will suit different types. 

Video Game Console Generations, Compare from Many Aspects

Important Factors When Comparing Game Consoles System Requirements

You can play lots of great games on the current systems, whereas launching software for a new console is disappointing (albeit visually impressive). You can take these factors as a consideration when making a selection. 

  1. Exclusive Games

We do not play consoles but we play games. So, this is the most important consideration. There is an exclusive of each system which cannot be played anywhere else. The in-house first-party is the most developer, but sometimes a third-party team will sign an exclusivity agreement. 

One of the largest lineups of exclusive games ever is the PlayStation 4, especially if you have a big budget, enjoy flashy, action experiences, and story-driven. There are also several modern masterpieces that only exist on PS4.

They are Bloodborne, Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2, God of War, Unchanted 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn.  The reputation for exclusive quality products is also owned by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda and other long-running series like Smash Bros, Mario, and Fire Emblem.

  1. Performance

If you want to run your games at the absolute peak frame rate and resolution with the most advanced visual touches and lighting, the Xbox one X is the best here. Its console’s brain (AMD APU) operates at the 6 teraflops. The PS4 can only do 4.2 teraflops. 

The Xbox One X has 12GB GDDR5 RAM while the PS4 has 8GB GDR5 RAM, the two devices have different capacities. In practical terms, this is means that there is a bit of a problem in PS4 to produce native 4K resolution with HDR. Load times, if optimized properly, are also much faster on Xbox One X.

Video Game Console Generations, Compare from Many Aspects

Another Important Factor

Third-party developers are the creator of the majority of video game console. They operate under publishers like Activision, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts, and Bandai Namco among others. Most of these come to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with very little to tell them apart.

Sometimes, these games will have specific console content like early access to the DLC, or exclusive skins or map. But, these are pretty trivial and shouldn’t guide your decision. Among many competitors in the market, the Nintendo Switch is less powerful.

Consequently, missing significant newer Assassin’s Creed games and Destiny, notably call of duty, and third party releases. However, due to its unbridled success, the switch fared better than Nintendo Console usually does in this regard.

The next important thing is the user experience. On the Xbox One, in particular, planned play sessions can sometimes be thwarted by mandatory game updates, as long as it’s something else you have to play this one of video game console generations.

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