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Comparing Smart TV Brands, the Ubiquitous Technology These Day


Comparing smart TV brands there is much difference between smart TV platforms. If you want to upgrade your TV and confuse about how to start or what things to consider which one is right for you, this post is the guide you should pay attention to. 

Today, smart TVs or smart tech are ubiquitous. It seems too hard to find a TV that is not integrated with the smart platform that has functions to access online catchup services and apps. They have various app supports, layout, and navigation.

Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s WebOS are the general platform’s leader in the market. The Hisense, which is one of the other TV brands, uses various smart platforms depending on price point and region of their television.

Comparing Smart TV Brands, the Ubiquitous Technology These Day

The meaning is the new Hisense can use Android TV (Sony also use it), Roku TV, or its own platform (VIDAA U platform). All of them has its own cons and pros, which is need to be understood.

Comparing Smart TV Brands, LG CX OLED with WebOs

This TV platform is the trend of the simplified user interface, minimal in 2014. And the WebOS is still becomes an excellent smart TV platform that takes the lead, with its latest feature of the OLEX (and its BX OLED siblings, WX OLED).

You can grab the screen-sharing app using the LG’s remote, if you want a Miracast image form a smartphone and move it further up the pecking order. When it comes to voice recognition, LG also being the leader of gadgets or other electronic goods.

With the LG’s own platforms supported by the CX OLED such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, ThinQ AI platform, it has become greater. So, there is not necessary to use an external device for listening function since smart TV supports all of these built-in features.

This the best smart TV 2020 also supports many applications which are Netflix stream in 4K with Dolby vision and HDR, both of them are supported. Other apps are Amazon with UHD HDR, YouTube in 4K (Disney plus naturally also intervened).

Other options are Sky Store, Wuaki TV, and Now TV, plus all the major line chase services. The Freeview play will not be found in this LG TV 2020 because of some reason that can give a disadvantage for viewers from the UK. 

Comparing Smart TV Brands, the Ubiquitous Technology These Day

Samsung Q80T QLED with Tizen OS

The brand which always keeps things simple is Samsung. The Tizen OS has a lot to thank for LG’s webOS interface, as it consists of shortcuts, icons, and app which can all be accessed via an icon at the bottom of the screen.

The recent box that dynamically changes in the leftmost corner cycle between TV channels and the most recently used Apps. But, it is not very smart like this time because in the future, that could change when they integrate the AI TV into Tizen.

On the Q80T QLED which is one of smart tech solutions, there is a smaller launcher bar than before. The meaning is that it’s onscreen can fit more apps at one time, while the new mobile multi-view feature lets you watch on smartphones and TV simultaneously while casting.

Sony AG9 OLED with Android TV

This is one of the best among the best TVs in the past year. The nearest the smart TV to a standard OS is Android TV, but, between brand executions, there are still variations. Phillips is the supporter of Android TV, and also, Hisense and Sharp in the US.

The most comprehensive solution owned by Sony. For viewers from UK, it has somewhat cleverly overlaid the YouView program above, deftly overcoming one of Android TV’s big drawbacks, the TV provision catches up.

A roll-back 7-day EPG can be used to access all major catch-up services that provided, the YouView app ensures this. While other platforms take advantage of their minimalism, Android piles up the screen with different layers of content.

This smart technology also selects line of specific content followed by and app for Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play Store, YouTube, Google play TV and Movies, and so on. Owners of Android tablets or phones can control Android TVs by using their devices through Sony’s TV SideView app.

With its own Android TV integration, the Goole Assistant get more and more useful continuously, so that it can simplify all user activities. There is also a Chromecast built-in in Android TV devices so that iOS users can streaming from a mobile android simply. 

Controllers from Razer and Logitech make the game-playing easier without a console. The most volatile among smart TV platforms are Android. They failed in one more than just part, Sony TVs exhibit that, and why they do that is becoming less of a problem as they improve the platform.

Comparing Smart TV Brands, the Ubiquitous Technology These Day

Panasonic HZ1500 with MyHomeScreen

If compared with many competitors, this best smart TV brand is decidedly simple meaning it is not perfect like Tizen or webOS but a relatively unobtrusive interface is offered by them for everybody who wants to just keep watching TV.

You can choose from three options when you push the home button, they are Devices, Apps, and Live TV, choose which one to use with those devices. This simplicity is the greatest strength of this platform making things can be navigated easily to be found by saving all apps in one location.

For quicker access, your favorite apps can be pinned to the home page, because of its simplicity, it does not need power in a vast amount to operate which makes it robust, free from crashes, and responsive. It just delivers all catch-up services and streaming you need.

Vizio P-Series with SmartCast

There will be three lines when you turn on SmartCast TV. A featured line featuring a marquee image to direct you to a specific movie or event, one line for all of your applications, and one line is for recommended contents.

Although a lot of versatility is provided by SmartCast, it is also slower and misbehaves at times. That said, this platform is one of the best this year and cannot be beaten despite the hefty nature of its OS.

No matter how good a platform is, it is all relative and tailored to the needs of each user. A person may buy based on what he or she likes but always decide wisely if you comparing smart TV brands by considering your necessity and budget.

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