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Gojek Launches Technology-Based GoScreen Digital Advertising Service

Gojek Launches Technology-Based GoScreen Digital Advertising Service

On-demand service provider, Gojek, launched a GoScreen digital out of home (DOOH) machine-learning-based outdoor advertising service. This new feature was launched, along with the increasing use of digital technology in the advertising business.

Gojek Chief Commercial Officer Antoine de Carbonnel said the digital outdoor advertising business market is quite potential. Advertising spending in Indonesia is predicted to grow by 5.3% by the end of this year, despite the corona pandemic.

Gojek Launches Technology-Based GoScreen Digital Advertising Service

Based on Billboard Insider data, the use of digital outdoor advertising continues to grow. In 2019, its usage reached 31% of total global outdoor advertising. The majority or 69% are static outdoor advertising. This year, the share of digital outdoor advertising usage is predicted to increase to 34 percent. Then it is projected to grow again to 43% in 2023.

Despite the great potential, some challenges must be faced by digital advertising service providers. “Users want who can measure the effectiveness and performance of ads well,” said Antoine during a virtual press conference “Launching GoScreen”, Monday (9/11).

The Indonesian Decacorn also embeds an ad performance measurement feature based on location and time on GoScreen. Ads are created using programmatic technology (programmatic ads) to personalize content. That way, users will get reports on real-time impression measurements. In addition to technology, this outdoor advertising utilizes the fleet of Gojek driver-partners.

GoScreen can Increase Gojek Partner Income

GoScreen itself was developed by Promogo, an advertising service company that was acquired by Gojek in 2018. “We can target consumers to one location. It can be tracked in real-time, as well as verification of broadcasts and calculations,” said Promogo Director Kiranjeet Purba.

In addition, the GoScreen service is considered to be able to increase the income of Gojek driver-partners. It is claimed that the income of partners who install GoScreen advertising will increase by 15-20%. The company is still testing the service this year and is expected to be able to use it in early 2021.

“This (the coronavirus pandemic) is a moment for advertisers to plan for the next year,” said Kiranjeet. In the trial phase, GoScreen has been used by advertising company Publicis Media. Gojek has also broadcast more than four million shows with 40% share of voice.

Gojek Launches Technology-Based GoScreen Digital Advertising Service

In addition, it reaches over 850 thousand people in 2,000 hours of advertising. Through Promago, Gojek actually released GoIce and GoVend advertising services in September 2018. Users can enjoy entertainment such as movies, music, chargers, and wifi on GoCar through GoIce.

In addition, you can buy daily necessities or get free samples of products in GoCar through GoVend. However, the two services were not developed. Even so, he said that the demand for Promogo advertising services increased by 40%. There are already more than 50 thousand driver-partners who have joined and generated an impression of 15 billion views.

Gojek also Launched Tokotown Pro to Help MSMEs

Gojek officially collaborates with Narrators, one of the marketing platforms, to launch the Tokotown Pro application which is intended for merchants (business partners) to reach consumers. Through this collaboration, the Tokotown Pro on-demand platform provides direct access for business partners in the Gojek ecosystem to connect with verified social media content creators.

Gojek Launches Technology-Based GoScreen Digital Advertising Service

Narrators Founder & CEO Laurent Verrier said, with Tokotown Pro, business partners can collaborate directly with content creators in real-time, without a complicated negotiation process and do not require additional costs.

So, in this way, business partners can exchange products and services, offers (promos, discounts), with content produced by content creators, to be posted on various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. This collaboration is in line with Gojek’s efforts to assist MSMEs in implementing operational and marketing digitization.