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KlikDaily Marks an Initial Public Offering in the Next Three Years

KlikDaily Marks an Initial Public Offering in the Next Three Years

A local startup engaged in the supply chain tech enabler, Klikdaily, is targeting to list its first shares through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the next three years. To achieve this target, the company will carry out three developments that are focused on sustainability and national economic recovery.

First, through innovating Indonesian processed product brands, second, creating an effective and efficient supply chain ecosystem for 60 million MSMEs throughout Indonesia, and thirdly, funding innovation for partners. Amos Gunawan, CEO, and Founder of Klikdaily, believes in the importance of building a sustainable business that continues to provide solutions to people’s needs.

“Moreover, based on Indonesian economic data from an independent advisor to the Indonesian Supply Chain (SCI), the supply chain sector is growing on average more than 12 percent per year and in 2020 it will contribute nearly IDR 1,000 trillion to the Indonesian economy,” said Amos through his statement, on Wednesday (14/10/2020).

He continued, the data proves that the supply chain sector is quite large. Coupled with other business sector expansion plans, this will provide a spirit of optimism for the company to continue to grow.

Have a Strategic Partner

This plan is strengthened due to the high support and enthusiasm from investors and partners. Moreover, the response of customers to Klikdaily’s business developments. Innovation into various businesses is possible because this Tangerang-based startup has many strategic partners in multi-sectors from upstream to downstream.

Amos added, in order to answer people’s needs for daily needs products, in the near future Klikdaily will launch 25 various private label products processed by the archipelago, in collaboration with producer partners. This will also provide added value from product variations as well as competitive business value for MSMEs.

Empower 1 Million Traditional Stalls

Previously, Klikdaily helped simplify FMCG distribution channels, especially for stalls to get easy product access. The company integrates the activities of procurement of goods and services, transportation, and product stock supplies until they reach the customer through the Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM).

Klikdaily emphasized that it will continue to expand its reach to 1 million partners throughout Indonesia. Klikdaily, a supply chain company for FMCG products, has distributed tens of thousands of basic food packages for poor people through traditional shops, commonly called Mitra Klikdaily.

As one of the forefront of the new normal transition period, Klikdaily continues to be committed to being an extension of the government in an effort to improve the economy of MSMEs, especially traditional shops.

Provide Assistance to MSMEs in Indonesia during the Pandemic

“The donations that we help distribute come from fundraising, one of which is through the Benih Baik platform. All these basic food products are purchased from stalls that are our partners. Thus we can not only help affected families but also provide targeted economic stimulus directly to MSMEs, namely traditional shops,” said KlikDaily Business Director, Mariska Adriana, on Wednesday (16/9/2020).

He said, these basic food packages have been distributed in a number of areas, such as Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang and in collaboration with the Head of the local RT and Mitra Klikdaily. Mariska said of course the entire process of distributing aid carried out the government-directed Covid-19 prevention steps.

“This idea is our effort to spread optimism to our partners and we will continue to issue other empowerment programs,” said Mariska Adriana. Meanwhile, Eddy Satriya, Deputy for Business Restructuring of the Ministry of Cooperatives, said the program to help residents affected by Covid-19 is the focus of the government.

In addition, through activities such as online sales will simplify the buying and selling process, expand the market and find out what market trends are going on. The Indonesian economic recovery program launched by the government will always be supported by concrete actions taken by Klikdaily.

“Klikdaily also invites people to go back to shopping #diWarungAja to fulfill their daily needs. Let us move the Indonesian economy back together by empowering MSMEs, especially traditional stalls,” she said.