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Joining Harbolnas, HappyFresh Held Harbolnas this Month

Joining Harbolnas, HappyFresh Held Hargolnas this Month

HappyFresh confirmed that they will again enliven the Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day) moment which was held in November this year. But what’s different, this time HappyFresh is holding an event called Hargolnas (National Online Grocery Day).

This is the first time the Hargolnas event has been held in Indonesia. This event was held considering there was a change in the lifestyle of people during the pandemic, who now choose to shop online to meet their needs.

Joining Harbolnas, HappyFresh Held Hargolnas this Month

The situation that has been going on for the past eight months has also affected the lives of many people and encouraged several long-term lifestyle changes, as well as created an urgency for the community to carry out AKB (New Habit Adaptation) to adapt to the changes that have occurred.

“The amount of shopping for daily necessities and food online has experienced rapid growth this year. And to support the convenience and comfort of the community in shopping for groceries and basic necessities, we launched this program,” said Managing Director of HappyFresh Indonesia, Filippo Candrini, in an official statement received, Friday (6/11/2020).

The Company Introduces Instant Delivery on Hargolnas

Furthermore, Fillipo said, the event held by HappyFresh will also be a little different from the usual Harbolnas. This is because Harbolnas is now more often celebrated as a series of year-end online shopping events which are held one day, such as 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12.

“We want to celebrate this moment with the HappyFresh community and community in a different way, and initiate the Hargolnas program with a long enough period in which customers can determine when to shop and get the best deals according to their calendar and needs,” he explained.

Joining Harbolnas, HappyFresh Held Hargolnas this Month

During this period, the company also introduced a new service called ‘Instant Delivery’. Through this feature, customers can shop suddenly or want to buy their needs quickly.

“We hope HappyFresh can be a solution in providing daily needs and helping them stay productive, as well as helping supermarket partners as well as grocery stores and various needs to keep running their businesses even in difficult times like now,” Fillippo said ending his statement.

The Hargolnas program itself will run from November to December 2020. During the program, HappyFresh offers a number of attractive offers, such as discounts of up to 70 percent, then daily deals with different products every day.

Various Attractive Offers Hargolnas

The Hargolnas HappyFresh program runs from November to the end of December 2020. During the program, HappyFresh provides various attractive offers every day, such as discounts of up to 60% on 9-15 November 2020, followed by daily deals that offer various products at attractive prices and discounts up to 45% which will start on November 16, 2020.

The daily deals categories presented in the Hargolnas HappyFresh calendar are as follows:

1. Monday: health and wellness products from various well-known brands

2. Tuesdays: fresh vegetables and fruits at various HappyFresh partners

3. Wednesday: kitchen products as well as dry and canned goods

Joining Harbolnas, HappyFresh Held Hargolnas this Month

4. Thursday: products for babies and children at HappyFresh partners

5. Friday: attractive offers for purchasing fresh products such as meat, fish and seafood, eggs, milk, and frozen foods at various HappyFresh partners

6. Saturday: home care and personal care products

7. Sunday: great deals for the purchase of snacks, drinks, cakes and breads at HappyFresh’s various partners.

On this occasion, HappyFresh also introduced new service features, such as “Instant Delivery” for customers who suddenly need to shop or want to buy groceries and basic necessities quickly.

HappyFresh is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, and operates in several parts of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Depok, Bandung, Bekasi, Surabaya, Tangerang, and Malang. HappyFresh also operates in Malaysia and Thailand. HappyFresh has partnered with more than 150 supermarkets and specialty shops.