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How to Design Startup Office That Enhance Business Success

How to Design Startup Office That Enhance Business Success

Are you wondering how to design startup office in the right way? While free snacks, dry cleaning, and nap rooms at startups are legendary, the office interior design is evenly amazing. Now that companies start to break down the conventional ways of doing business, they’re approaching workspaces with the same way of thinking.

Nowadays, many startups offices are leaving the traditional cubical workstation and start creating an open environment. Some additional features and facilities are also added so that any employee can look forward to doing their job every day. That’s why office design becomes an important factor in your business’s success.

We can find a lot of cool examples out there. But, a famous company like Google is probably the most popular one to create an amazing workspace for its employee. When you don’t know about how to design startup office, the first thing to do is analysis.

A key part of analyzing your company is by understanding what makes it unique. You should know how your employees and customers distinguish you from competitors. Understanding this thing will help your designer select the right details to be included in the workspace. Read on to check out the other tips.

Design Startup Office
Design Startup Office

Create Flexible Startup Office Workspace

A startup’s workplace should be able to change significantly in a short period of time. You need to make the office design flexible enough for growth. Designing an office which can grow with the company from the beginning is much easier than moving the whole operation to a new bigger space.

Then, how to design startup office which is flexible or adaptable? If you are in a small office or a temporary workspace, analyze how the employees work and how the various areas of the office are employed. Pay attention to how your employees work or want to work.

If you have received feedback from employees which shows that multiple spaces are needed, you should consider adding the opinion to the design. You can also ask yourself whether the employees flock to the couches or are working at the coffee shop at home or downstairs.

In case your workspace is mobile, you can use employ less space to desks. Instead, create more collaborative spaces or amenities like a game room or cafeteria to make your office feels enjoyable. Pinterest is one of the examples of a startup with a game room and café inside.

Design Startup Office
Design Startup Office

Create Common Spaces

If you are wondering how to design startup office, common spaces must be taken into account. These areas are becoming the heart of any startup office nowadays. It puts an end of the traditional boxed-in cubicles. Instead, a great office should have an area that promotes collaboration.

When you want to have a modern office design, build a collaborative work environment with a sense of inclusion and transparency. Even narrow office designs should incorporate spaces where employees can work together or simply meet for a conference. This way, everyone in the office will find it easier to team up with others.

Along with common space, you will want to incorporate the distraction-free area as well. As you learn how to design startup office, you will realize that your employees need to focus once in a time. You can create small rooms for a small group or solo work. Make the decoration as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to common spaces, there can be a lot of ideas available. You can create a long platform bench or design a more casual meeting room around the building. Adding something like coffee bars, lounge rooms, and cafeterias make a great choice as well. It will help everyone engage together.

Design Startup Office

Create Cool and Unique Office Design

Your office design should be a reflection of the company. It should help cultivate your company’s culture and identity as well. When you want to learn how to design startup office in a cool way, Google can be a great example. We cannot deny that this company boasts lots of unique designs.

You can start with branding the office with logo and select colors which complement the corporate visual identity. Like how Google decorate some of their workspaces, the color scheme reflects the vibrant color of its logo. Just make sure to corporate the colors smartly, so space will appear welcoming.

You should look no further than your employees when searching for office design ideas. Invite your team to help customize the space with their objects and art. For example, Pinterest Headquarters has an open shelf where the employees display their collections. Then, Dropbox office provides a bunch of whiteboards for the employees to make doodles.

Then, is there another way on how to design startup office the cool way? Not only the decoration, but you can also incorporate some cool equipment to make space looks cooler. For instance, you can bring a pool or foosball table in the cafeteria or coffee bar.

Design Startup Office
Design Startup Office

Create the Workspace by Teams

Some employees work better in airy space where many foot traffic passes, but others may become more productive when working in a quiet corner. A team who works by analyzing data will be more comfortable in a place free from interruption while your sales department may love an acoustically optimized area.

For this reason, designing by departments and how they work will be a great choice. This way, you can give every group what they really need instead of lumping them all together. When you learn how to design startup office, remember to not focus on particular teams as well.

Then, you shouldn’t follow trends easily too. Some trends may seem cool and great to apply, but they are not always suitable for your office’s needs. So, be smart when following some trends out there. Make sure to choose one that works best in your workspace.

To conclude, deciding the right design for your startup office is essential. With the right office design, your company will get more chance to achieve success. This is because the design of your office can influence the way employees to work. That’s all some tricks on how to design startup office.