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Asus Zenbook Pro for Gamer and Executive

Asus Zenbook Pro for Gamer and Executive

There are a lot of people who can utilize the laptop to optimize their job, and one of them is the executive, designer and gamer in which they can be benefitted with the Asus zenbook pro. This is one of the most elegant and also powerful laptop under the banner of the zenbook flagship, and hence very elegant and slim.

One of the most powerful feature you can use inside the device is the smart touchpad, and this touchpad is very different with the traditional touchpad you will ever encounter. The touchpad acts like a screen which can be tapped to open up a new sequence, and hence you can start accessing so many things from your touchpad without neccesarily clicking onto the apps or the icon in which you can open the apps traditionally.

The pad of Asus zenbook pro is also very responsive and neat with the finger detection system that can distinguish between the real tap and the accidental tap, meaning that you will be able to use the pad optimally and without having to worry about the accidental tap.

Beside it, there is the advanced anti dust system that can further protect the internal of the laptop itself. Dust is one of the most troubling enemies of the laptop, and hence you need to be careful when dealing with it. Dust can cover the keyboard and making them less responsive and thus can hinder your work.

The Asus zenbook pro have the air circulation that will prevent the dust from gathering in a single space, and it can also be expelled out of your laptop before it can present any harm to your internal mechanism.

The Computing Power of Zenbook

Although not included into the flagship of ROG, the zenbook is one of the brand which also boast high computing power. You can start using the laptop for gaming as it is armed with the 16GB DDR4 ram which is upgradeable up to 32gb.

You can also benefitted from the high GPU capacity which is GTX 1080 4GB, and that is powerful enough to play the mid end games of AAA. Asus zenbook pro is also very ideal to light video editing and also graphic design.

As for the core, the zenbook is equipped with intel quad core I7, and although not their very best product, you can use them to optimize your work and can play some intense games without any necessary glitches or flaw. Then you can also start utilizing the overclocking capacity of the core to further increase their punch.

The drive capacity is also very impressive, as it is 1tb and can also be added additional socket of SSD. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about the files you are about to store inside your laptop Asus zenbook pro.

The audio is Harmon Kardon in which is one of the best manufacturer in the term of audio, and hence you can rely on it to generate a very stunning and beautiful sound effect to further immerse your gaming experience.

Then you can start accessing the online multiplayer game with ease since the connectivity of the Asus zenbook pro is backed up with gigabit to provide the stable and secure connection.  There is also the PCI Ethernet cable to support the LAN connection, and the internal WLAN cable to detect the WIFI signal.

Immerse Yourself with 4K Nano HD

When it comes to the screen resolution and color combination, ASUS seems to understand what people want. It is no doubt that the zenbook is one of the product which has the best screen resolution.

Since they have the 4K nano ultra HD, and it means that it can capture the dazzling game visual effect with little to no effort. It can present a very stunning gaming scenery with ease as the graphic card and the screen resolution will provide just that for the gamer.

But even so, the thickness of the screen is also very impressive. This is understandable since the zenbook product is already well known for their elegance and slim design. The thickness of their screen is less than 2mm, making it very light but sturdy.

All of the component inside the Asus zenbook pro is already protected with the sturdy case and military grade protection making it very durable even at the most intense usage.

Connectivity and Speed

Both connectivity and speed seems to become the main priority of the laptop, since the zenbook has a very impressive connection and also reaction speed. For internal data transfer, the laptop is equipped with the USB 3.1 ports, and able to deliver very big files exceeding the 1tb cap with a very short time.

This means that you can work without any pause since the connectivity is very impressive. You can also count on the internet connection to download your work files or simply to play some games with your friend.

Due to the high computing capacity, the laptop is also boasting a very high reaction speed which is counted below the nanoseconds. From opening up a new work page, editing a video, to play some games, you will never encounter any performance issue.

The power of the latest I7 core will give their best shot to make your gaming and working experience superb when you are utilizing the Asus zenbook pro, and hence the laptop is very suitable for every executives and editor.

As for the battery capacity, you can rely on the high lithum battery size as it will keep your laptop on a working condition for about 6 to 8 hours depends on the usage and also the performance you set. Naturally, the more power you put in, the faster your battery to drain, but the battery itself can be fast charged to reduce it charging time.


In the term of the sleek design and beautiful color, we believe that zenbook is one of the top, and hence deserve a shot. The spec is exceptional and the reaction time is very superb making the Asus zenbook pro is very valuable for both the worker and the gamer.