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Healthcare Startup GorryWell Launches New Features

Healthcare Startup GorryWell Launches New Features

The platform for providing health needs, GorryWell launched the latest feature in its application, namely Wellness Coach.

CEO & Co-Founder of Gorry Holdings, Herry Budiman said, “This Wellness Coach is a form of commitment to continue to contribute to improving the health of the Indonesian people, both physically and mentally.

As a comprehensive health monitoring application, GorryWell is committed to continuing to make various innovations that are indeed needed in the Indonesian market in the future.

Budiman said, as a national company that focuses on physical and mental health, GorryWell will continue to innovate in order to make a sustainable contribution to the people of Indonesia.

Healthcare Startup GorryWell Launches New Features

“In accordance with this commitment, today, we are launching the Wellness Coach feature in the GorryWell application,” said Herry Budiman through a release received by tribun-timur.com, Wednesday (23/6/2021) night.

Budiman explained, on the day of its launch, GorryWell has partnered with more than 100 Wellness Coaches who are ready to serve health consultations.

“Through this latest feature, users can directly consult with Wellness Coaches,” he said. Starting from nutritionists, personal trainers and mindfulness coaches.

The Coaches are from Various Regions in Indonesia

These Wellness Coaches are not only from Jakarta, but also from various regions throughout Indonesia. This form of consultation starts from virtual chat, consultation via video to form a virtual class.

“Users will be served directly by nutritionists (nutritionists), personal trainers and mindfulness coaches (psychologists and meditation experts),” he explained.

Budiman continued, as an official partner of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, since 2018, GorryWell has further strengthened its role as a national health technology company. Namely in the field of prevention for public health in Indonesia.

Healthcare Startup GorryWell Launches New Features

“We believe that at this time, especially we are still in a pandemic situation, physical and mental health is a very important combination,” he said.

Therefore, GorryWell brings experts in these three fields. Moreover, according to Budiman, each individual not only has personal goals but also their own personal growth that they want to achieve.

For your information, in 2020, GorryWell managed to become the Top 10 Finalist in the NTT StartUp Challenge 2020 competition in Japan. Currently, the GorryWell application can be downloaded through the Apple Store for Apple users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

The Role of Telepsychology Services for Community Psychiatry in the Pandemic Era

Psychologist R.R. Rani Meita Pratiwi Subagyono said that telepsychology services are now very helpful in helping the psyche of the Indonesian people.

According to him, during this pandemic, this technology has actually helped psychologists and the public to overcome mental problems.

“Telepsychology is an alternative during a pandemic where we cannot meet face-to-face activities due to social restrictions. However, the community still needs psychological help,” he said virtually at the Lauch of GorryWell App, Wednesday (23/6/2021).

The woman who is familiarly called Rani explained that telepsychology itself is a psychological service using online communication technology. So, medical personnel and patients can be connected to each other without meeting face to face.

Healthcare Startup GorryWell Launches New Features

Usually, patients who need psychological treatment assistance will be consulted face to face. But with technology, it can be done only with applications that are on mobile phones or other devices.

Therefore, the role of telepsychology services also helps patients who live in remote areas, making it difficult to consult a psychologist.

“Many in Indonesia have minimal access to have their mental problems checked by experts. They tend to be negligent because they are unable to reach a place of treatment. Finally, the mental problems that he suffered were not helped because of the limited access. However, with technology, we can now communicate without distance,” added Rani.

Not only that, the stigma in Indonesia about someone who goes to see a psychology doctor is still underestimated.

Someone who deals with psychology is often labeled as having mental illness. Embarrassed by the title, someone who should have needed medical assistance became afraid.