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Justika Receives Seed Funding from East Ventures

Justika Receives Seed Funding from East Ventures

Justika, a legal services marketplace in Indonesia, announced today that it has secured seed funding led by East Ventures, with participation from Skystar Capital.

Justika is a digital platform created to connect people who need legal services with lawyers and other support services, such as company establishment agents and translators. The Justika platform is not only innovating how people find lawyers, but also how lawyers work.

The company uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to match clients with attorneys based on the specialization of services. Once matched, clients can consult a lawyer and get a reply in less than five minutes.

Justika Receives Seed Funding from East Ventures

Furthermore, lawyers can also provide other services depending on the client’s needs, such as review or drafting of documents, telephone consultations, negotiations, and advocacy in court.

On the other hand, lawyers can easily establish relationships with clients through the Justika platform.

Justika will use this seed funding to expand public access to legal services in Indonesia through product development, marketing, and talent recruitment in various legal fields to provide more added value to users.

Currently, Justika focuses on three areas of law that society often faces: family law, law involving small and medium-sized businesses, and property law. In addition, Justika plans to expand and provide access to other legal services that the community needs.

Three Pioneers Working Together in Justika

As part of Hukumonline, Justika brings together three pioneers from various fields such as Ahmad Fikri Assegaf, Chairman and Co-founder of Justika, senior partner at AHP (Assegaf Hamzah & Partners) who has more than twenty five years of experience in the this field.

There are also co-founder of Hukumonline, a portal Indonesia’s largest law firm; Melvin Sumapung, CEO and Co-founder of Justika with a background in business strategy with experience creating legal technology products since 2017; and Husein, CTO and Co-founder of Justika, a founder with experience in the gaming and agri-tech industries.

Justika Receives Seed Funding from East Ventures

Justika combines Fikri’s experience in law with Melvin and Husein’s innovation. Fikri, together with Arief Surowidjojo, Ibrahim Assegaf, and the Indonesian Center for Law and Policy Studies (PSHK), founded Hukumonline more than 20 years ago.

Today, Hukumonline plays an important role in providing better access to justice through online databases, legal analysis, legal clinics, and news. Justika’s presence further enhances technology-based legal services in Indonesia.

Access to justice is one of the main concerns, according to Fikri. “The key is educating the public to democratize access to lawyers and solve legal problems.”

Melvin says that strong perceptions of the complexity and difficulty of obtaining legal services are a real obstacle for many. “Justika is trying to solve this problem by facilitating the community to get legal services quickly and affordably.”

Husein added, “Our technological innovations allow clients and lawyers to take advantage of features to access legal services in new ways and also streamline the way lawyers work, for example, providing document templates and inheritance calculators for Muslim clients.”

Many People Have Yet to Find Access for Legal Services

According to the 2019 Research Report on Access to Justice in Indonesia released by the Indonesian Judicial Research Society, the Indonesian Legal Roundtable, and the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, around 110 million Indonesians have faced significant legal problems in the last two years.

Justika Receives Seed Funding from East Ventures

71% of them give up on finding solutions because access is difficult, either because they don’t know what to do or don’t know where to go. Despite the challenges, Justika believes that there is great potential in this industry.

With an “untouched” legal market worth around USD 7.5 billion, Justika plans to expand their user base and increase their product line. Justika plans to double their revenue by targeting 7,000 unique monthly paying users next year.