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Health Startups Innovations to Provide User Convenience

Health Startups Innovations to Provide User Convenience

Ramadan is the right moment for Muslims to start many positive things for physical and spiritual health. Unfortunately, hectic life and certain health conditions are often a barrier to starting a healthy life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Health Startups Innovations to Provide User Convenience

As a leading digital health service ecosystem, Halodoc through regular HaloTalks discussions again shares healthy tips so that people can undergo anti-fatigue fasting and stay fit. This is in line with Halodoc’s mission to make health a part of a lifestyle.

Halodoc Chief Marketing Officer Felicia Kawilarang in the HaloTalks webinar said Halodoc invites the public to ‘prepare an umbrella before it rains’ to avoid various risks of disease.

Simple things you can do, for example, start exercising, maintain a diet, and most importantly know the risk of disease so that it can be anticipated from the start.

“This is where Halodoc plays its role to provide KIE (Communication, Information, and Education) so that people are always healthy, including when fasting,” said Felicia.

Health Startups Innovations to Provide User Convenience

Halodoc Invites People to Exercise

Exercising in during Ramadan certainly has its own challenges, not to mention having to adjust to the density of work or other activities outside the home.

People tend to ignore exercise because they don’t know where to start, including maintaining the intake of calories and nutrients needed by the body to balance out the ideal exercise.

Meanwhile, Halodoc Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Elsye, SpKO, said exercise can be started from simple movements, for example doing a minimum of 10,000 steps every day or it can also be done at least 10 minutes every 2 hours, for example by walking in place or light stretching.

Exercising can be done with light to moderate intensity during fasting. The best time I recommend is 1-2 hours after iftar. “However, if you still have energy reserves, 1 hour before breaking the fast or 1 hour after sahur can be done with light intensity,” he said.

“Regular exercise helps our bodies release endorphins that help our moods improve, those with insomnia can also start exercising so that they can sleep better. The key is consistency and don’t hesitate to consult any health conditions to the doctor, which is now made easier by Halodoc,” he added.

Health Startups Innovations to Provide User Convenience

Maucash and Alodokter Collaboration Provides Ease of Health Checks

PT Astra Welab Digital Arta (Maucash) and Alodokter realize the importance of maintaining public health during the Covid-19 pandemic. A form of cooperation emerged from Alodokter with Maucash.

Marketing Director of PT Astra Welab Digital Arta, Indra Suryawan, said that the form of collaboration between Maucash and Alodokter was to provide attractive offers to all Maucash and Alodokter users, namely a discount of IDR 15,000 for consultations via chat with specialist doctors.

“For us, this is a very exciting new experience to be able to collaborate with a company that focuses on the health sector like Alodokter. It’s great to be able to work with a digital health platform like Alodokter,” said Indra Suryawan in his statement, Thursday (7/4/2022).

Indra explained that Maucash’s collaboration with Alodokter is expected to convey the message that being healthy is easy and affordable.

In addition, Maucash and Alodokter’s strong corporate background and credibility are also the main benchmarks for this collaboration to run well. “Hopefully the public can feel helped and facilitated to consult their health problems with doctors,” he added.

It is known, Maucash is a Fintech P2P Lending company that was established under Astra International, as well as one of Astra Financial’s business units that has been registered and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Maucash is present as a Fintech P2P Lending company that offers the public to be able to apply for loan funds of up to IDR 15 million with the longest loan tenor of 18 months.