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Goopps, a New Startup to Help Find Interesting Events Nearby

indonesia tourism startup event management Goopps

Indonesia is very well-known when it comes to high tourism potential. However, an Online Startup Event Management, Goopps, see there are often obstacles found. In this case, many tourists who come to Indonesia often find it difficult to access information.

Tourists are sometimes still confused when looking for information such as the ongoing event schedule. For this reason, Goopps comes to help facilitate tourists in accessing information about the event. Goopps itself is an original startup from Indonesia which was released around mid-August 2018.

This startup is under the subsidiary of PT Sinar Teknologi Informasi. Goopps platform offers a nearby feature which makes it easier for users to look for ongoing and upcoming events. The ongoing events will have a red pin while upcoming events will come be shown with a blue pin.

The goal is to facilitate users who want to go impromptu when coming to an event. With Goopps, they can see event references that can be visited at that time. This way, users don’t need to get confused when they come to a different city for an event.

Goopps Can Help Promote Events and Get Many Visitors

“Promoting events requires promos through the digital world or social media. On Goopps, you don’t have to bother. With website traffic like Goopps, many visitors will want to see what’s going on. Your event will be seen by many interested people,” the CEO of Goopps, Bayu Setyowibowo, explained.

In this case, those who are looking for event information or just buying tickets events could see if there is any nearby event. Thus, it can make promoting events easier. This means the app can be beneficial not only for the tourists but also for the event organizer.

Moreover, if users want to update an event, there will be two choices: public and private events. Goopps also offers other interesting features like the management of profile which consists of a private profile, photo updates, event reviews, and dating histories.

Besides, Goopps also comes with a point system. In this case, every time the users updating the event, they can get some points which can be used to get a reward. Goopps continues to develop its software for the sake of loyal users.

The Development of Goopps and Its Event Management Platform

According to Bayu, his team is currently developing transactions for buying and selling event tickets as well as other developments. He said that he cannot mention the new developments right now. However, it would be soon released to the public.

Meanwhile, Goopps has also been recommended by many sites. This app would be favorable for millennials who like something instant. This app is also recommended for those who want to go on a date with a loved one. This is because users can find an interesting event nearby.

Users can find good places to chill out to an ongoing exhibition while walking around. The information is also detail since users can learn about the ticket price and the complete address of the event. If, users do not know where it is, simply taps the ‘direct location’.