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Glancing at Startup business

Glancing at Startup business

Recognizing of what startup business is

Recently, we heard a lot about this term, startup business, in our daily lives. But, have you ever thought of what is exactly a startup business? Basically, from its name, the word startup refers to the newly-built company which still on its developing phase and targeting the perfect market for its business. However, today, the popular word has more to be associated with the technology and internet. People tend to recognize this kind of business as the business which involves much of technology and the internet in its operation.

Glancing at Startup business
Glancing at Startup business

When you talk about its kind, you may not be able to find the exact number to mention, since the business which based on the internet development and the support of the technology is on its way to increase. The business may start from the application development, payment systems, many kinds of services, trading, and many kinds of other transactions that you might not be able to image about a decade ago.

In some Asian countries, like Indonesia, where the development of the internet has reached its peak, the startup has been largely spread out all over the country. Many people smartly take advantages with the development of the internet to build their own new company and try to find the way to survive the market longer than the conventional businesses. The number is getting increasing and never shows any tendency to decrease at all.

Popular Startup Business in Indonesia

Actually, when you come back at the end of 90’s, or early 2000’s, you may find that some people have already started this kind of business. The popular local startup that has existed in that year was kaskus. Everybody has heard then for surely.

With the more sophisticated technology support, and the easier access through the internet, there are more and more businessmen started to glance at this kind of business, and soon start their own company. For the next decade, it seems that the development of the startup is obviously seen.

Glancing at Startup business
Glancing at Startup business

Kaskus has been one of the pioneers of the startup company that now still exist. Yet, in Indonesia, there are several other startup business that you can take as the model of your own business.

  1. Bukalapak

It has become one of the greatest trading sites in Indonesia. This site was created by Achmad Zaky who is from one of the Indonesia’s province.

The most loved service feature in payment has been one of the most enchanted spell from this site. The customer will experience the easy and save transactions that they may not be able to imagine before. The customer’s money will not directly transferred into the seller; rather, the money is collected and kept first at Bukalapak as the guarantee of the delivering package. Soon after the customer received their orders, the seller can cash the money right away based on the confirmation of the customer.

  • Gojek

There’s no doubt that everybody knows this app. This is a very popular app and fast-growing one as well. Go-Jek is one of the fastest growing startup company. For its fast-growing, and its popularity, the CEO is considered as the smart people who deserve for a chance to help the nation to grow, especially at the economic sector. And finally, a few months ago, when the president of Indonesia announced officially its team in this cabinet, the CEO of GO-Jek, Nadiem Karim, is surprisingly appointed to join the new cabinet for the position of Secretary of the Education Affairs. Go-Jek’s main field is providing people with transportation and courier services.

Glancing at Startup business
Glancing at Startup business
  • Tiket.com

As you can see the name, Tiket.com is an application which brings you into the ease of ticket reservation online. The company was established in 2011, and now, it tries to expand its business abroad. Hong Kong, Australia, China and Malaysia, are some of their targeted markets in the meantime. When, they succeed in those countries, it isn’t impossible that it will aim much bigger target and bring the company even wider.

Nowadays, in the digital community, startup business has become quite familiar, and has been built and run by most people. The young entrepreneur has shown their innovation and unlimited creativity through the startup business they have been running.