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All You Need to Know about Startup business

The Brief Story of Startup Business

What is Startup Business?

When you heard the word startup business, your mind will suddenly be flooded by names like Gojek, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and some other similar companies which mainly utilize the technology and the internet access on its operation. Indeed, people always associate the startup business with the technology and the internet as well. However, the word startup itself actually refers to the new business which is still on the developing phase. This kind of business also still needs a lot of funding from various sources. In Indonesia, many young entrepreneurs have been involved in this kind of business with their innovations and creation.

All You Need to Know about Startup business
All You Need to Know about Startup business

The Brief Story of Startup Business

The term startup has always been associated with new company in technology and information field. This was actually initiated when the startup became worldwide popular in the era of bubble dot-com in early 2000’s. There were many dot-com companies which were established simultaneously at that time. The business doers seemed to realize that the power of technology and the internet at that time can be one of their tools to bring their business into the market. Therefore, they started to open personal websites to help them do the marketing stuffs, and made it as one way to promote their business. And the result was beyond expectation. People started to be aware of the internet and its benefit, including the benefit that they could get when they use it into the business. As soon as they realized it, more and more people use the internet to help them promote their business. And by that time, the startup business has literary born. And therefore, the term startup business has experienced the change in meaning, where people now are more aware that the startup business means the business which is identical with digital world, technology and information along with its application, as well as the internet.     

All You Need to Know about Startup business
All You Need to Know about Startup business

The characteristics of startup business

Basically, the startup business is not always about digital world. The company which isn’t built for a long time, and still in its progressing phase, and still needs more fund to operate is basically can be categorized as the startup business. To make it simple and clear, there are some characteristics of the company, so that you can call it a startup company.

  1. The company age

Mostly, the startup company is the company which is established not more than 3 years. In this very early age, the company surely needs constant fund source to operate its business.

  • The number of the staff

When talking about the number of the staff, the company will usually only have less than 30 staffs to work.

  • Multitasking sources

Though the startup company has only small numbers of staffs, their staffs are commonly having their best talent on their own specification. That’s what makes this company running. It can rely on its talented staffs.

All You Need to Know about Startup business
All You Need to Know about Startup business
  • High dedication

Commonly those who are involved in this kind of business are youngsters ranging from 20 to 35 years old. These men, most of the time, are being in their peak level of idealism. The will fight for their dream and they would do everything to make it happen.

  • Technology is the most common field

Though we have discussed that the startup doesn’t always involve the technology, yet, what we meet today is that most of the startup companies are on the technology and internet bases.

  • Website is a must

Website is the main thing to be owned by a startup company. By running a website, the company will easily do the promotion and the marketing stuffs easily. To get the consumers or targeted market, website is the mainstay of common startup company.

  • The customer is always on number one priority

The main aim of the startup business is to get the customers all over the world with unlimited number; as much as possible. Therefore, to get into that point the startup company will always try to present innovations and creativity either to get new customers or to keep their loyal customers.

Startup business has been inevitably a popular business nowadays. Many youngsters choose to build their own company, and their choice goes to this kind of business.