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Fore Coffee Boosts New Outlet Expansion to Reach 30 Cities in Indonesia

Fore Coffee Boosts New Outlet Expansion to Reach 30 Cities in Indonesia

Fore Coffee will boost the expansion of new outlets in Indonesia this year in order to accelerate its business growth. This coffee chain startup targets the addition of a maximum of 100 new outlets and continues the development of seasonal F&B products.

Fore Coffee Boosts New Outlet Expansion to Reach 30 Cities in Indonesia

In its official statement, Fore Coffee said it had sold 5 million cups of coffee throughout 2021. One of its seasonal products, the Almond Cocoa Series, which was released at the end of November 2021, was recorded as the best-selling menu with sales of more than 300 thousand cups.

Meanwhile, Fore Coffee has opened 42 new outlets in several metropolitan cities, such as Denpasar, Palembang, Yogyakarta, Malang, to Batam. As of February 2022, Fore Coffee is recorded to have 110 outlets.

Contacted by DailySocial.id separately, Fore Coffee Co-Founder & CEO Vico Lomar admitted that the F&B industry is indeed recovering during the pandemic. Nevertheless, the addition of Fore Coffee outlets has increased quite significantly from initially only in four cities in early 2021, now in 18 cities.

Apart from that, he said, Fore Coffee was able to experience good sales growth, even when the Delta variant was raging in Indonesia in mid-June 2021.

“I believe the right product, price, and experience strategy is a strong foundation for our expansion. Of course we are selective in building new outlets, we check locations, visibility so that we can reach 30 cities in Indonesia,” he explained.

Fore Coffee Boosts New Outlet Expansion to Reach 30 Cities in Indonesia

Launching Creative Marketing Program

In addition to outlet expansion, Fore Coffee also boosts creative marketing programs with food delivery partners such as Go Food, Grab Food, Shopee Food, and Traveloka Eats. One of them is continuing the latest seasonal menus in March-April and launching a new food product line called Fore Deli.

“The potential of the upper class market continues to grow, especially the market segment that is always looking for new products that are relevant to their needs. We will collaborate with brands, influencers, who match our products, and conduct campaigns. This means that we don’t just build new outlets, ” he added.

As is known, Vico Lomar is a professional expert in the F&B field for more than 20 years. Its mission is to strengthen the presence of Fore Coffee among contemporary coffee enthusiasts.

He is committed to continuing to oversee the process from upstream to downstream in order to be able to serve coffee of value to the community. In addition to Vico, Fore Coffee was also strengthened by Umara Ardra who developed a position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The leadership of Vico Lomar and Umara Ardra is believed to be able to open various opportunities to increase the reach of Fore Coffee in Indonesia, from fundraising efforts, opening outlets, to developing features in the Fore Coffee application to encourage users and transactions.

Regarding the need for capital for this expansion, Vico declined to comment further. “Currently all we can say is that we are a profitable business and we have very good numbers in terms of it to be able to grow exponentially,” he said.

Fore Coffee Boosts New Outlet Expansion to Reach 30 Cities in Indonesia

The Dynamics of Indonesian Coffee Chains

Throughout 2021, the movement of coffee chain startups in Indonesia is fairly dynamic. Some of them received new funding to support the expansion of their outlets in Indonesia.

According to the data we have collected as of November 2021, there are more than 4,500 coffee chain networks throughout Indonesia.

Besides Fore Coffee, another startup that carries the “grab and go” concept is Kopi Kenangan, which recently won a new status as the first new unicorn retail startup in Indonesia.

Then, JIWA Group also received funding last year to strengthen its omnichannel strategy by utilizing the JIWA+ application.

A portfolio startup from Rocket Internet, Flash Coffee is also starting to expand into the Indonesian market by targeting the construction of 75 new outlets in 2021.