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Entering the 6th Year, Mamikos Connects 6 Million Boarding Tenants

Entering the 6th Year, Mamikos Connects 6 Million Boarding Tenants

Mamikos is entering its sixth year of operation in Indonesia in November 2021. During these six years, Mamikos has also managed to record a number of achievements.

Entering the 6th Year, Mamikos Connects 6 Million Boarding Tenants

One of them, based on Similiarweb data, Mamikos managed to dominate the market with 10 times more traffic than other competitors. In addition, this platform also successfully connects with 6 million renters every month.

Meanwhile, there are 3 million rooms from 150 thousand properties available on the Mamikos platform. In the first and second quarters of this year, the company was able to increase productivity and demand with an increase of 25 percent every month amid the pandemic.

“In the process of developing, we continue to innovate until we are 6 this year, Mamikos invites partners and tenants to be strong together through the transformation carried out by the company,” said Mamikos Co-Founder and CEO, Maria Regina Anggit in an official statement received, Tuesday (16/11/2021).

Furthermore, Anggit said, Mamikos is now transforming into the number one boarding management and rental application in Indonesia. But not only that, the company also wants to provide the number one property management service.

“Through these two segments, we believe there will be more innovations created with the aim of being able to continue to help Mamikos partners and boarding house tenants together to be more resilient through this pandemic period,” Anggit explained.

Entering the 6th Year, Mamikos Connects 6 Million Boarding Tenants

Mamikos Innovation for Partners and Tenants

Some of the innovations that have been presented by Mamikos over the past six years are the Singgahsini and Apik platforms. Singgahsini is a boarding management platform with the best service standards, while Apik is a management with more affordable prices.

Not only that, there is also Elite Kos service. This service can help Mamikos elite partners to maximize marketing without operator assistance, so that property management is carried out automatically.

Apart from being a boarding house application, currently Mamikos also provides property management services. Through these two business segments, the company continues to help Mamikos partners and boarding house renters to get the best residential services.

“We focus on maximizing boarding-boarding services to help partners and tenants. On our 6th anniversary this year, we carry the theme ‘Tough Together’ to invite partners to be more resilient through this pandemic,” added Anggit.

In order to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 cases, Anggit continued, Mamikos maximized services according to health protocols (prokes) for partners and boarding house tenants. One of the solutions presented by Mamikos is the Hygienic Boarding Service.

Hygienic boarding houses are boarding houses that have guaranteed sterility and cleanliness, so that tenants can feel more secure and comfortable. Then, there is also MamiService which provides laundry services to disinfectant spray services.

Mamikos and SiCepat Rely on AWS Analytics to Boost Business

Recently, AWS is committed to providing cloud computing service solutions to accelerate the digitization of MSME and startup businesses in Indonesia.

One of the SMEs and startups that use AWS services is SiCepat and Mamikos. Both of them use AWS’ cloud computing services to boost their business, by relying on data analysis.

Mamikos has helped bring together around six million boarding house seekers every month with 150 thousand boarding house owners spread across 300 cities in Indonesia since 2015.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, almost all boarding houses experienced a simultaneous decrease in occupancy rates,” said Maria Regina Anggit, Founder and CEO of Mamikos, in a recent teleconference.

“However, by looking at tenant data using AWS analytical technology, it is revealed that there is actually still a fairly large market share that can be served,” she added.

One clear example of the increasing literacy of boarding house owners towards digitalization is the Mamikos partner in Yogyakarta. They were able to return the occupancy rate from only 20 percent to 100 percent within 1 month.

“Apparently, the data we found showed an oversupply for women’s boarding houses, while male boarding houses experienced a shortage of supply,” she said.