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Enhance Your Gaming Experience with ROG Strix Hero II

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with ROG Strix Hero II

ROG never stopped to satisfy the needs of every game, and hence they issued another beast which is the ROG strix hero II. After a very successful debut of the strix model I which is very famous due to their relatively low price under the flag of ROG.

Now the strix II is coming to further enhance your gaming experience. This time, with a more powerful arsenal at it sleeves, every gamer now can play the most sophisticated games at their disposal without even fearing stuttering and glitches along the way.

Although the device is under the flagship of the Rog, there are several downgrade to the spec to compensate for the lower price which will be explained later. But even so, the device is still very powerful and can be used to play so many AAA games without even having to worry about the performance issue at all.

The design is also very simple and elegant and hence you can enjoy the time while playing the most intense game. The ROG strix hero II is simply one of the best all-around ROG tittle you can have.

Strix is considered the mid-tier ROG brand and hence perhaps the spec is slightly under the standard of any other ROG brand. The device is armed with only 16GB DDR4 RAM, which is lower than the usual 32 gb of any other ROG brands.

But still more than enough to support the heavy gaming spec such those from AAA companies. The ROG strix hero II is also accompanied with RTX 2040 which is similar to any other brand and thus it can compensate the lower RAM value and can prevent the bottleneck.

The Interface and Design

The design comes from with the standard black and red design, and the screen width is around 15.8 inch, which is similar to any brand. What makes this ROG strix hero II different is, the resolution quality of the brand is actually quite lower than any of her counterpart which only supports 2k ultra HD instead of 4K. but you don’t have to worry as the color resolution is still fascinating and you can start playing the game with gorgeous coloring and also immersive display.

The next thing you can rely in the term of performance is the cooling mechanism. The Rog realize that they cannot compromise the cooling mechanism of her brands since it will be very critical to the lifespan of her products, and thus the ROG strix hero II owns the most sophisticated and cutting edge cooling fans.

The air can circulate freely in her bulky exterior, and then it reinforced with the 8 fan blades which will stabilize the core temperature and allow them to work even faster and stronger. The GPU can also be switched off to increase the battery life of the products.

As for the batter life, the duration which is owned by the device is around 5 to 8 hours depends on how you use them. If you are using for the most intense and power consuming devices, then it will stay around 5 hours. 

Alternatively, you can turn off the GPU to increase the lifespan of your device, but it is not very recommended if you are using the device to play the games since it will decrease the performance of the laptop and thus hampering the game itself.

Price And Worth Of Device

The device itself is quite low in price, which is about 24k dollar per unit, compared to the other flagship which is around 30 to 40k per unit. The margin is understandable due to the decrease of the unit capacity, but it will not hinder any performance at all.

If you are looking for the good and mid-tier ROG device, then this is just for you since the price tag is quite low and you can reach it with ease. The worth of the device is also quite good since the spec itself is very satisfying compared to the traditional i7 laptops out there.

One of the most compelling arguments to purchase the ROG strix hero II is the usage and the price. If you are looking just for casual gaming without any further plan to enter the pro stage, then you can purchase the laptop.

You can use the laptop also for some serious heavy duty editing such as movies and graphic designs. You don’t have to worry at all about the power since the core and the graphic card will be more than enough to support your work.

Portability and Weight

The ROG series is not well known for their portability since the design is quite bulky due to the need of additional air circulation mechanism. But you don’t have to worry too much about it since the device itself is quite easy to use and also quite light.

The weight is about 5kg, and then you can start using the device for quite a long period since the battery span is quite long. The width of the device is below 1cm and thus is very slim and easy to use.

The main drawback of the laptop ROG strix hero II is, it will generate intense heat and thus it cannot be seated under your lap for an extended period of time. It is also not wise to turn off the GPU while you are gaming since it will actually reduce the capacity for the laptop to execute the game properly.

The material of the laptop, although sturdy as it is, still quite fragile, especially if exposed to the heat and water, and thus you need to keep in mind on where you need to store your device.


The device is very suitable for those who are looking for a cheap and also quite powerful device, and hence you can purchase this if you are looking just one. Although you need to spend additional money to reach the desired maximum optimization of ROG strix hero II to make it comparable to another high tier ROG series.