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Empowering Fishermen and Tailors, These Startups Won in Cipta Nyata

Empowering Fishermen and Tailors, These Startups Won in Cipta Nyata

President’s Special Staff, Adamas Belva Syah Devara hopes that startups will continue to emerge through Cipta Nyata program. After successfully holding two phases for the CiptaNyata Program in the fashion and culinary categories, now Belva Devara as Special Staff of the President of the Republic of Indonesia has closed the implementation of the third technology-themed phase for March.

Belva, who was accompanied by the CiptaNyata Team, has also passed the judging stage to find two winners who want to get prizes for their winnings, namely a fund of Rp 20 million each and a directing program or mentorship directly from practitioners in their fields.

Empowering Fishermen and Tailors, These Startups Won in Cipta Nyata

He announced the two startups chosen as CiptaNyata winners for the technology phase, namely Yourfit Polarism by Cahyo Dwi Saputro and FishGo by I Gede Merta Yoga Pratama. The selection of these two startups is based on innovative, attractive and prospective business concepts.

In addition, the two entrepreneurs also managed to make a Business Model Canvas (BMC) proposal and a good business video pitching.

Yourfit Polarism and FishGo Successfully Attract Attention

Yourfit Polarism by Cahyo Dwi Saputro is a UMKM that aims to increase the effectiveness of the fashion industry in the country through the use of technology-based applications. Originally from Semarang as the City of Indonesian Fashion, Cahyo Dwi Saputro seeks to overcome obstacles related to the standardization of clothing sizes.

Therefore, Yourfit Polarism exists as a marketplace to connect customers with tailors without having to meet face to face. Thus, customers can find sewing alternatives according to their needs and local tailors can make a better life.

Empowering Fishermen and Tailors, These Startups Won in Cipta Nyata

FishGo by I Gede Merta Yoga Pratama strives to optimize the contribution of the marine and fisheries sector to the income of community fishing communities in the Badung Regency, Bali. By utilizing navigation-based technology, Yoga Pratama creates an application that can identify potential fishing areas and times, thereby increasing the catch of traditional fishermen.

Supported by remote sensing technology and oceanographic models, this application can also further recognize the potential for fishing to the species level.

“Both winners managed to attract the attention of me and the team. Aside from their brilliant business ideas, both businesses also have room for exciting breakthroughs in the future. Meanwhile, the focus of the two businesses is also inseparable from the empowerment of the people’s economy and the promotion of domestic products.” Belva Devara said.

“Through this financial assistance and mentorship program, I hope that the two entrepreneurs can continue to develop business ventures so that they can become Indonesia’s leading start-ups in the future,” he added.

Three Other Startups Get Special Mentions Because of Their Potential

In addition to the two selected MSME businesses, Belva Devara also realizes the great potential of the other registrants. Therefore, there are three other entrepreneurs who managed to get the status of “Special Mentions” from Belva Devara.

Empowering Fishermen and Tailors, These Startups Won in Cipta Nyata

First, Kepul by Abdul Latif Wahid Nasution, an application that facilitates the sale and purchase of recycled waste. Second, Desaloka Indonesia by Ali Subagyo, which is a media platform for promotion and buying and selling of superior commodities in villages in Indonesia. Third, SIAB Indonesia by Ratih Rachmatika, the IoT Water Management System which consists of hardware and applications to automatically monitor, distribute and filtrate water.

At present, Cipta Nyata has opened registration for the next period, called the fourth phase with a new category, a social entrepreneurship with a deadline for registration of March 22, 2020.

This program is not only suitable for people who aspire to advance their MSME business, but also for those who are interested in mentoring programs. Through this progam, hopefully more startups will emerge in Indonesia.