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DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja

DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja

The DANA digital wallet is ready to accommodate the disbursement of the Kartu Prakerja program incentive funds starting this December. This is a follow-up to the appointment of DANA as one of the government partners in the distribution of the incentive funds.

“As a native Indonesian start-up company based on financial technology, DANA is very supportive and happy to be able to participate as a partner in channeling the Kartu Prakerja incentive funds,” said Vincent Iswara, CEO and Co-Founder at DANA.

DANA, said Vincent, affirms its commitment to responding to the government’s trust by providing technology that is easy to access and use, practical, and guaranteed in terms of security.

DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja

“Starting this month, DANA can be used by Kartu Prakerja program participants to disburse their incentive funds,” said Vincent. Participants in the Pre-Employment Card program can also maximize the number of benefits when using FUNDS.

For example, checking incentives in Transaction History with the name Top Up Agent. Participants can also transfer incentive money received to their bank account at no cost. In addition, the DANA balance can also be used for various other purposes.

How to Disburse at DANA

Using the pre-work card with DANA is quite easy. First, participants can go directly to the official Kartu Prakerja page and select connect account. Next, select and tap DANA to connect. Confirm your mobile number and enter the DANA pin. Incentives will be sent after participants complete the training program.

To ensure that all Pre-Employment Card program participants can make disbursements smoothly and on time, DANA implements strict internal procedures for the distribution of incentive funds.

First, verify and match data on program recipients registered in DANA with those registered with the government. If there is a data mismatch, the disbursement process will not be carried out.

DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja

Realtime Fund Distribution Process

DANA also guarantees that the pre-employment card incentive fund disbursement process can be done in real-time. DANA will also provide notifications to users. There are two different notifications that users will receive, namely when they pass the verification stage and when the incentive funds from the Pre-Work Card program are received.

“Security guarantees for digital non-cash transactions with DANA, including the security of customer data and security of distribution of Pre-Work Card incentive funds, have always been our top priority. DANA has features that are equipped with a solid security system as well as a Data Center and Data Recovery Center (DRC) which built in Indonesia,” said Vincent.

In addition, he also emphasized that DANA has collaborated with the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration to verify incentive recipients while preventing data misuse.

DANA has Launched Various Programs during the Pandemic

As Indonesia’s digital wallet, DANA has been designed since its inception as a technology platform that is open and adaptive to various situations. DANA will be ready to be a solution for the community to face any changes and friends who help to increase productivity, efficiency, and competence.

DANA Ready for Incentive Disbursement of Kartu Prakerja

DANA is not just a platform that makes safe non-cash payments easier. More than that, DANA with technology that is continuously being developed wants to expand digital financial inclusion for the Indonesian people with friendly, inclusive, and adaptive technology so that it becomes a solution that makes it easier for people to adapt to various situations.

The company also continues to strive to develop technology that is trusted (trusted), friendly and easy to use (friendly), and can be accessed by anyone (accessible) and synergizes with the digital economy ecosystem chain ranging from banking, the business world (from MSMEs to large companies), and other community economic empowerment institutions, in order to increase the contribution of DANA to the Indonesian economy.

Throughout 2020, DANA launched a number of features and various initiatives to be able to help and be a solution for the community during a pandemic as well as facing future challenges and contributing to the national economy.