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Collaboration with TikTok is the Key to Transforming Tokopedia

Collaboration with TikTok is the Key to Transforming Tokopedia

Success is loved by many young people around the world, making TikTok more aggressive. Unmitigated, as many as 15 famous brands towed by Tiktok in the #TikTokTreats program.

Through this program, the users only need to collect points to exchange for the prizes available. Points can be earned by inviting or sharing the #TikTokTreats program page to other friends.

Collaboration with TikTok is the Key to Transforming Tokopedia

As reported by a press statement received by Beritasatu.com, Tuesday (6/30/2020), this collaboration with TikTok brand, opens up opportunities for creative communities on the platform, while at the same time encouraging young people to express their talents and creativity.

TikTok Indonesia’s Senior Marketing Manager, Jessica Gautama said, he hoped the #TikTokTreats program could be a place for every brand to be found by the community in creative and fun ways.

“The existence of this program also makes the TikTok community more diverse. So it can be a place for anyone to share happiness and inspire,” Jessica Gautama said.

Tiktok also Cooperates with Indosat Ooredoo

Indosat Ooredoo’s Senior Vice President-Head of Digital, Yavuz Fatih Yavuz, said that his party saw users and communities who joined it very creative and interested in being invited to participate in various collaborative or challenge creations.

“This is in line with several similar campaigns that have been successfully carried out such as #Collabonation which elevates the spirit of creativity of the younger generation,” Yavuz Fatih Yavuz said.

Collaboration with TikTok is the Key to Transforming Tokopedia

In this #TikTokTreats collaboration, IM3 Ooredoo prepares various special bonuses and promos including free 1GB quota, free 7.5GB quota, and 30GB quota promo just by exchanging Tiktok Treat Points starting from 350 Points.

In order to provide more useful content, TikTok prepares a surprise program for its users. But TikTok is not alone, this application is collaborating with Tokopedia. The collaboration between TikTok and Tokopedia is expected to make it easier for Tokopedia to reach more users, including young people who like to channel creativity.

In line with Indosat Ooredoo, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, said a collaboration with strategic partners, such as TikTok Indonesia, was one of the keys for Tokopedia in transforming into a Super Ecosystem.

“Tokopedia’s support for the TikTok Treats program is one of our efforts to bring more shopping experience to the community, including the users,” Ekhel said through his statement on Tuesday (6/30/2020).

He added that this collaboration can reach a wider community, including young people, in a more dynamic and interactive format while also inspiring creativity through the use of technology.

#TikTokTreats Program

To achieve this goal, TikTok collaborated with Tokopedia through a program called #TikTokTreats. In this program, Tokopedia prepares various added values ​​in the form of cashback vouchers of up to Rp20 thousand and discounts of up to 50% credit purchases.

To get it, users only need to access the Discover page or Find it in the Tiktok application. There will be instructions to follow the #TikTokTreats program. After redeeming points through the TikTok application, users can immediately find the voucher in ‘My Coupons’ on the Tokopedia user account.

Collaboration with TikTok is the Key to Transforming Tokopedia

“We hope the #TikTokTreats program can become a place where brands, including Tokopedia, can be found by the community in creative and fun ways,” said Jessica Gautama, TikTok Indonesia’s Senior Marketing Manager.

Gamer segment is also the target of the #TikTokTreats program. Through this program, the eSports Evos team wants to reach a larger online community, especially TikTok users who have an interest in the eSports world.

“The TikTok platform is filled with young people who also have an interest in eSports. We want to embrace them by participating in the #TikTokTreats program, and of course, also inviting our Evos Fams to compete to get prizes from Evos,” Evos Esports co-founder Hartman Harris said.

In the #TikTokTreats program, Evos prepares prizes ranging from Skin Harith Evos M1, free of IDR 10,000 EMP, and Evos merchandise vouchers worth IDR 50,000.