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Collaborating with Tokopedia and Shopee, iSeller Supports MSMEs

Collaborating with Tokopedia and Shopee, iSeller Supports MSMEs

The iSeller omnichannel business platform collaborates with several well-known marketplaces in Indonesia, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada to make it easier to digitize micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The integration in iSeller 3.0 is designed to encourage MSME players to develop their business, by reaching more customers in various sales channels so that they are more digital.

iSeller with its latest version develops integration with various marketplace platforms as a whole, from synchronizing listings, prices, inventory, orders, marketing to shipping.

Collaborating with Tokopedia and Shopee, iSeller Supports MSMEs

The CEO of iSeller, Jimmy Petrus, said that iSeller 3.0 brings the company one step closer to helping MSME players carry out a holistic digital transformation.

“Starting from selling in physical stores, online, social media, and now marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Shopee. Business owners can manage all business processes quickly, easily, and efficiently on one platform,” said Jimmy in his statement, Saturday (27/3/2021).

Greeted by 1,000 Merchants

Through this marketplace integration, iSeller carries an omnichannel business platform with centralized business management, where business owners can sell on various marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia, and manage products and inventory automatically in one system.

Centralized business processes including order data, payments, customers to bookkeeping. Kevin, as CCO of iSeller, claims that marketplace integration has been welcomed by merchants, both old and new merchants.

“In a short time, more than 1,000 merchants have activated this integration, both newcomers and those who have been using iSeller for years,” he said. In the future, iSeller also plans to add integration with other marketplaces.

Collaborating with Tokopedia and Shopee, iSeller Supports MSMEs

“Of course we will also support other marketplaces and continue to create new innovations to accelerate digital technology adoption and financial inclusion for MSMEs in Indonesia,” he added.

Besides being able to be integrated with the marketplace, currently, iSeller also supports offline sales with its digital cashier application, iSeller POS (Point of Sale), online sales through the iSeller Online Store, eMenu system and online ordering for the F&B business, as well as integration with various food delivery platforms such as Grab Food.

Obtained Series A+ Funding End of Last Year

Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI) and Openspace Ventures inject funding into the first omni-channel-based Point of Sale (POS) startup in Indonesia, iSeller. The funding led by MCI is an extension of the Series A+ funding round or strategic round.

CEO of Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI) Eddi Danusaputro explained, through this investment, Bank Mandiri as the parent company of MCI, will strengthen strategic cooperation with iSeller, especially in integrating products and services to provide benefits, benefits and added value to 200 thousand Mandiri merchants spread across throughout Indonesia.

Collaborating with Tokopedia and Shopee, iSeller Supports MSMEs

“We are very pleased to be able to join iSeller in funding this time, of course, we see the value proposition from iSeller which can synergize with Mandiri’s vision, strategy and digital financial initiatives going forward,” said Eddi Danusaputro, in his statement, Thursday (11/7/2020 ).

Meanwhile, Founder of Open space Ventures Shane Chesson said, the omnichannel based sales platform in Indonesia has the opportunity for rapid growth. CEO and founder of iSeller Jimmy Petrus said the funding would be used for domestic business expansion and accelerated merchant acquisition.

In addition, the injection of funds will also be used to develop and innovate products that will combine financial inclusion and digital technology. iSeller, which was founded in 2017, carries a sales platform built with multi-channel capabilities.

This model has significant differences and competitive advantages from other POS startups. The omnichannel concept of iSeller provides an integrated digital cashier application and online store as well as a payment aggregator, so that it can combine all aspects of offline and online (O2O) business effectively in one platform.