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CARRO Expansion Services to the New Car Market

CARRO Expansion Services to the New Car Market

The largest car buying and selling platform in Southeast Asia, CARRO is penetrating the business into the new car market. The Indonesian automotive company makes it easy for consumers to get their dream car, be it a new or used car.

Currently, CARRO has offered a technology-based car purchase transaction platform, which not only helps the automotive industry to restore its pre-pandemic resale record, but also helps potential customers to be more confident in buying used cars or making trade-ins with new cars.

Aditya Lesmana, Co-founder of CARRO, said that his company continues to strengthen collaboration with various strategic partners, one of which is a technology company with a marketplace in Indonesia, namely Tokopedia.

CARRO Expansion Services to the New Car Market

“This collaboration will enable more than 100 million active Tokopedia users in Indonesia to be able to view certified used car collections and get flexible financing options,” he said in an official statement, Monday (1/2).

Offering Affordable Prices

In addition, CARRO also offers affordable prices for cars that are traded based on the actual condition of the car. Trade-in facilities, both with old cars and new cars? Which are available in a digital ecosystem that can be accessed through the CARRO platform, will certainly help consumers to own a car easily, safely and quickly.

“The new and used car industries always go hand in hand and complement each other. Through technology, we create a complementary ecosystem, including showrooms, financial institutions and consumers, as well as an easy and direct trade-in process with a car brand or company. This makes the journey of consumers in owning their dream car easier and faster, ”he said.

CARRO Expansion Services to the New Car Market

Through this strategy, he is also optimistic that the automotive industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, both the used car and new car market sectors will recover and increase in 2021. This is due to technological advances, collaboration and adaptation made by various stakeholders to develop business. by online.

For information, CARRO is a technology-based car buying and selling platform in the Southeast Asia region with transactions of more than US$ 1 billion in 2019. The plan is to launch CARRO Automall in Indonesia, to be precise in Harapan Indah, Bekasi. “This will be the largest certified used car showroom in Indonesia,” he concluded.

Pandemic Promotes Used Car Buying and Selling Transactions

Aditya Lesmana, Co-Founder of CARRO, through a virtual press conference, Tuesday (15/12/2020), said that the uncertain situation caused by this pandemic has actually caused a surge in the buying and selling of used cars.

Apart from the automotive industry which has been hit hard by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now signs that car sales will start to recover and are predicted to increase to 38.7%, or the equivalent of 843 thousand units in 2021, according to Research Specialist. Mandiri Institute.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, CARRO itself has experienced a 600% increase in demand for certified used cars that can be tested from home and purchased online,” said Aditya.

Hendra Noor Saleh, an automotive observer and President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, responded that the automotive industry needs to carry out digital transformation in order to meet customer demands in this digital era.

Since its inception, CARRO has offered innovative solutions for customers to be able to buy used cars safely and comfortably directly from their homes or through the Tokopedia application.

All cars are equipped with QR codes, which can be scanned by customers to see all vehicle information including conditions, features, history, and inspection results at 150 points, to price information and payment options. All cars sold are also guaranteed to be flood-free, accident-free, not stolen, original odometer, and equipped with complete service history as well as documents and documents.

In addition, customers can take a test drive and buy a car online without having to make physical contact or meet in person with the seller. They only need to choose the vehicle according to their wishes, and CARRO will deliver the car directly to the customer’s home.