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Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn’t Miss

Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn't Miss

Are you wondering what the best coworking space in Jakarta is? Since the city was recently ranked 8th worldwide by Britain’s Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) among cities with the uppermost confidence in the environment for digital transformation, Jakarta is becoming more worth noting for a business environment.

Whether you are in the financial industry, trading, banking, or service sector, you can find a lot of opportunities in Jakarta. Plus, this city also owns a strong manufacturing industry. It makes a great point since you can meet an abundance of talented locals to work with.

You shouldn’t get engaged in the chic shopping centers and exotic nightlife too long though. There is also some best coworking space in Jakarta that you can visit. Each place has its unique charms, so you can simply choose the one that suits your taste.

Thus, if you are bored and need something new, these coworking spaces in Jakarta can be the best place to take a break from your traditional way of working. Some also offer extra facilities to make you more comfortable and help expand your network. Read on to see our top recommendations!

Concrete Coworking Space, North Jakarta

Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn’t Miss
Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you need the best coworking space in Jakarta, visiting Concrete Space can be a good choice. Opened in February 2017, this coworking space focuses more on startups or creatives by offering different kinds of spaces such as a photo studio aimed for photographers, social media agencies, and videographers.

Concrete Space has a two-level building. The first floor is for individuals and the second floor is for groups. The spot is available for around 120 persons. It also has a flexible coworking space. This means you don’t need to create a membership to take advantage of the space.

As one of the best coworking space in Jakarta, they also offer monthly, daily, and hourly packages for using the workplace with complete facilities like a game room, printer, and access to the library. More interestingly, you can create a membership card without paying registration fee!

Furthermore, if you have to relax for a while, this coworking space also has a zen room. They also hold routine events both on weekend and weekdays. If you are visiting on weekends, you have a chance to have more fun with a handy workshop such as painting, flower arranging, and sewing.

Greenhouse Coworking Space, South Jakarta

Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn’t Miss
Best Coworking Space in Jakarta That You Shouldn’t Miss

When you are entering Greenhouse coworking space in South Jakarta, the lush surroundings will welcome you. The best part about this space is its floor-to-ceiling glass windows which make the most of natural light. With plants spreading in nearly every corner, this coworking space is highly comfortable and relaxing to work.

This best coworking space in Jakarta is one of them that focus on connecting peoples in a more natural way. To fulfill their business social responsibility program, they also work with a community enterprise to stop using plastic bags, recycle their waste, and pack their pantry with healthy and vegetarian products.

Similar to Concrete Space, Greenhouse doesn’t force its customers to pay a membership fee as well. They provide a daily pass with access to all services and facilities. However, if you want to enjoy the dedicated desk, hot-desk, and private offices, it requires membership. Then, meeting rooms and event venues are available for the public.

Daily pass holders are able to access the pantry throughout office hours and events. On the other hand, members can enjoy facilities depending on their chosen plan. It may include 24-hour access and a registered business address. This best coworking space in Jakarta starts at USD 10 or IDR 150,000 each day per person.

Avenue8 Coworking Space, Central Jakarta

best coworking space in Jakarta
best coworking space in Jakarta

Avenue8 is another great option that you can find in Jakarta. This coworking space is unique, especially due to its proud Avenue8 Concierge. It provides services for clients to arrange transportation, buy lunch or coffee, make a restaurant reservation, and get mail packages. Thus, clients can focus on their work.

This coworking space has 34 seats and is separated into two parts: a lounge and a quiet working area. The facilities include free flow coffee, access during office hours, high-speed Wi-Fi, access to the lounge, and events. Customers also have the right to use any available private office.

The customers of Avenue8 come from a variety of business types, like market researchers, technology companies, trading companies, and even students. There is no obligation for those who want to combine their membership, including a team or group. The rate for this best coworking space in Jakarta starts at IDR 150,000 per person.

You can find this coworking space in Tamansari Parama Suites, Central Jakarta. You can visit it during the operating hours from Monday to Friday between 08.30 am and 5 pm. In addition to a daily pass, you can also enjoy a monthly coworking membership for IDR 1,800,000.

CoHive Tower, South Jakarta

best coworking space in Jakarta
best coworking space in Jakarta

You can do a lot of things when visiting CoHive Tower. This coworking space offers a range of stress relief stuff such as table tennis, arcade machines, bean bags, console games, and massage recliners. More interestingly, this place is close to the business district in Jakarta.

As one of the best coworking space in Jakarta, CoHive offers various things like free flow coffee. It makes a great place for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to find a network and potential collaboration with them. You can also enjoy a huge parking spot for your convenience.

In addition to CoHive Tower in South Jakarta, there are some other locations available. For instance, if you are working around Kebayoran Baru, there is CoHive The Maja which provides a relaxing spot to work. If you are looking for a quieter space to work, this place is a good choice.

To conclude, coworking space has become a great place to visit when you want to experience something new. In Jakarta, there are some nice co-working spaces to visit. Try working in these coworking spaces to enhance your spirit and productivity. Hope you enjoy the list of best coworking space in Jakarta above.