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Balesin.id Develops Chat Commerce Features for WhatsApp

Balesin.id Develops Chat Commerce Features for WhatsApp

Chatting has become an inseparable part of people’s digital culture, including when shopping online. On both eCommerce and social media platforms, chatting is one of the main communication methods between sellers and buyers. This habit encourages BJtech to develop their newest product, namely BALESIN.ID.

After working with Bang Joni in developing chatbot-based products and partnering with several well-known brands, now BJtech and Sari Roti have launched the Chat Commerce feature which can be accessed via WhatsApp at +6281132214900.

Diatce G. Harahap, CEO of BALESIN.ID said that this pandemic has changed the habitual behavior of Indonesian people in shopping.

“Seeing this phenomenon, we from BALESIN.ID developed the Chat Commerce feature. Consumers can directly shop from WhatsApp, as one of the favorite chat channels for Indonesians,” said Diatce in a written statement.

Chat Commerce from BALESIN.ID also provides a mini-website that sellers can use to display their goods. This mini-website makes it easy for buyers to browse products and their details, then make purchases without leaving the chat screen.

Provides Features that Support the Online Buying and Selling Process

As for other features to support the online buying and selling process to be easier, such as automatic shipping and cost calculations, integration with payment gateways and selected logistics, dashboards to monitor online store sales activities, to analytical data to achieve maximum sales.

Atce said, after receiving an injection of funds from Stellar Kapital and GDI (Global Digital International), Balesin.ID offered a new alternative for selling and shopping online. Sellers don’t need to answer hundreds of customer chats one by one, while buyers don’t worry because their questions will be answered anytime, 24 hours.

Ache emphasized that one of Balesin.ID’s clients who has used the Chat Commerce feature on WhatsApp has managed to show positive results, such as an increase in the number of orders and revenue each month reaching 200%.

“So for other brands that want to increase their customer engagement in the pandemic phase like now, we are very ready to collaborate,” said Ache.

Vienno Monintja as Chief Marketing Officer at PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk. (Sari Roti) stated that the company wants to provide the best service for customers.

“We at Sari Roti want to always make the best innovation for consumers, and seeing the pandemic situation like today, it will make Sari Roti always able to provide service excellence. One of the things we do is to make the order process easier and more comfortable via Chat. Commerce on WhatsApp, “said Vienno.

Balesin.id Relies on AI Technology

The platform created by the nation’s children is an automatic admin to make the online buying and selling process easier. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Balesin.id positions itself as an automated online shop admin who is ready to answer customer questions appropriately and quickly.

With this chatbot, sellers don’t need to answer hundreds of customer chats one by one, while buyers don’t worry because their questions will be answered anytime, for 24 hours.

“The development of artificial intelligence in Indonesia has great potential to help online business people who are accustomed to selling via chat. The higher the scale of operations, the greater the challenges faced by sellers in replying to customer chats,” said Diatce G. Harahap, CEO of BJtech in a written statement.

Diatce gave an example, for example, there are 200 chats that go to cellphones a day, what percentage of customers end up buying? With the chatbot-based automatic admin, sellers will be free to answer repetitive questions and can do other work more efficiently. “Sellers will have more free time to handle serious buyers, and this will certainly increase their sales,” he added.