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ASUS X441 BA the Ultimate Working and Gaming Experience

ASUS X441 BA The Ultimate Working And Gaming Experience

Laptop is one of the most important things for working or simply for entertainment, and ASUS X441 BA will get that both covered with ease. The performance is beyond question as the laptop is optimized using the latest 7th generation core from intel.

And also the latest graphic card issued by Geforce, making this laptop a gaming monster which can run even the best and smoothest game you can ever think of. The audio is sonic master meaning that not only you will hear the most beautiful sound, but also exhilarating for your gaming experience.

The color design is also stunning, which comes by 4 defaults color, which is very elegant and also dirt resistant. You will be having a very slim and also light laptop as it will also weigh less than 2kg, with around 14 inches screen.

The laptop will also have ultra HD resolution that will make your video editing and movies runs smooth and flawless. The stunning design, combined with the powerful specification will become the greatest feature of the ASUS X441 BA.

Audio Performance And Stunning Sound

One of the greatest asset of the laptop is the audio and visual performance, as it is equipped with the latest and the strongest spec you can ever imagine. Gaming with this laptop means it will be very immersive combined with the dual speaker located in the front end of the laptop.

The screen resolution is also already fitted and tested to make a very entertaining experience in gaming and multimedia performance. The size of the keyboard and also the sound combination will be very stunning and very helpful if you are going to edit any kind of sound effect in the ASUS X441 BA.

For the last design related topics, the laptop is also equipped with the elegant keyboard pads, meaning that you will be feeling very comfortable when you are using the laptop for typing in a very long time.

The keyboard has also been fitted so that it will not too sensitive but yet has a superior reaction time. The ASUS X441 BA will have the best and also the most helpful keyboard design, especially for those who are working long hour typing a lot using their keyboard.

Performance Test Of The Laptop

Standard ASUS laptop test is also very strict and hard, and we only allow the best of our products to be received by the customer. There are several hard test that has been done to the ASUS X441 BA and that will make sure that the laptop will pass the test of time.

The first test is the keyboard tapping test, and the keyboard has been pressed around several millions time until it finally succumbed to the pressure. It means that you can use the keyboard for as long as you want however you see fit for a very long time, and that is guaranteed by our manufacturer.

The next test is the falling test, and this could be the most reassuring one. ASUS X441 BA is created by the most durable and light-weight titanium alloy, meaning that it can withstand the fall from a certain height, which is less than a meter.

You can count on the sturdy material that is covering the laptop as it will protect your most brittle device part such as the drives and the core. The material is also very slim and that makes the laptop is very comfortable to be hold by hand.

The hinge test is the next, as it will test the hinge of the laptop. The automatic robot will open and close the laptop to test the hinge, and that is working for a very long time, even almost inconceivable amount of time.

The only threat that you ever going to face related to the hinge is the water, and thus you need to protect the hinge from the water spill, as it will corrode the hinge so easily and thus breaking the hinge itself. But as long as you are not careless of the usage of your device, your hinge will be protected and you can use ASUS X441 BA in a very long time.

A Gaming Powerhouse Of Its Kind

ASUS is always proud to give the most sophisticated and cutting edge technology in their laptop, and this series is not an exception. Powered by 8gb ram default and upgradeable up to 265 gig.

You can use the laptop to play the latest and performance heavy games with little to no performance issue at all. Running the withcher 3 in HD, or playing nier automata in the highest definition is merely a simple chore for the laptop, and hence you can count on the basic spec for those games.

The next thing besides the RAM is the graphic card, and this is one of the most important thing in the term of gaming. ASUS X441 BA coming preloaded with the GeForce MX111, you can count on the graphic card to  display such as stunning and flawless picture of your games. No longer that you need to play assassin creed origin with the lowest setting, as this monster will allow you to push the limit of your gaming experience and play to your heart content.

The storage of the device is also very impressive and you don’t have to worry a thing about it. The storage capacity is reaching the 2tb, and it means it can store pretty much all the game you want to play in a single time frame.

And that is not the end, as you can upgrade the storage using the SSD to increase the capacity even further. The drive will come with the latest and cutting edge technology, and meaning that you can access your data files fast and without any annoying lags.


To put it simply, the device is very ideal for those who are looking a strong and powerful laptop to play some games, or to the people who prefer a working laptop to use as video editing tools and so on. There are lot of thing you need to consider when purchasing laptop, but we believe that ASUS X441 BA is all around and generalist laptop as it is, will cover all of them for you.