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Workplace behavior based on race differences Part #2

Workplace behavior based on the race differences

High level of Productivity: Increasing productivity at the workplace has been one of the major challenges for managers and leaders and to the company in general.

Due to the fact that every organization has its own unique company structure and objectives, different strategies may be used to challenge or address the company in order to increase productivity.

One of those strategies involves adopting workplace diversity and managing them effectively. When management takes the welfare of its workers at heart by means of offering them proper compensation, health care, and employee appraisal, It enables workers to feels they belong to the company irrespective of their cultural background by remaining loyal and hardworking which helps to increase the company’s productivity and profit.

Diversity at the workplace creates an opportunity for employee’s personal growth. When workers are being exposed to new cultures, ideas, and perspectives, it can help each person to intellectually reach out and have a clearer insight of their place in the global environment and hence their own surroundings.

The more time spent with culturally diverse co-workers can slowly break down the subconscious barriers of xenophobia and ethnocentrism, thereby encouraging workers to be more experienced members of society.

Workplace diversity can immensely strengthen a company’s relationship with some specific group of customers by making communication more effective. The customer service department is one of the areas where effective communication is crucial.

Customer service personnel or representatives can be paired up with customers from their specific area or location, making the customer feel at home with the representative and thus with the company.

For example, some companies in the south-western part of the United States often prefer to hire customer service personnel who are bi-lingual to deal with customers who speak Spanish in their native language.

Diverse Experience: Employee and their co-workers that come from a diverse background bring to the table some amount of unique perceptions and experience during teamwork or group tasks.

Pooling the diverse skills and knowledge of culturally distinct employees together can immensely benefit the company by strengthening the responsiveness and productivity of the team to adapt to the changing conditions.

Every diverse culture has its own strengths and weaknesses, therefore in addition to their individuality; every diverse employee possesses unique strengths and weaknesses that are derived from their culture.

When each workers´ unique trait is managed properly and effectively in the organization, it can leverage the strengths and complement its weaknesses to highly impact the workforce.

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