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Akseleran Collaborates with BCA to Distribute Loans to MSMEs

Akseleran Collaborates with BCA to Distribute Loans to MSMEs

Financial technology finance company (fintech lending) Akseleran collaborates with Bank Central Asia (BCA) to channel loans of IDR 30 billion to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

This collaboration is with a channeling scheme. Acceleration will be a bridge between MSMEs and BCA. Starting this month, BCA has provided a productive loan limit of IDR 30 billion for micro and medium enterprises whose businesses are growing.

“During the corona pandemic, the emergence of more massive MSMEs would certainly require capital assistance,” said Head of BCA’s Commercial and SME Business Division, Freddy Iman, quoted in a press release, Tuesday (17/11).

He said that BCA will become an institutional lender (lender) on the Akseleran platform. Companies can also provide support and acquire financing for MSME debtors. Mikhail Tambunan, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Akseleran added, this collaboration expanded access to loans to more MSMEs.

As of early November, the cumulative total disbursed business loans were more than IDR 1.6 trillion. In October, Akseleran’s monthly loan distribution even reached IDR 115 billion. Mikhail said the company was trying to maintain the quality of loan credit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Until now, the total non-performing loan (NPL) was 0.21%.

Other Fintech also Collaborate with Banks

Other than Akseleran, several massive fintech lenders collaborated with banks during the coronavirus pandemic. People’s Capital, for example, collaborated with BRI. BRI is committed to channeling financing of up to IDR 30 billion for MSMEs through People’s Capital. The lending is prioritized for small and medium enterprises. The average loan size is IDR 250 million.

Then, Investree collaborated with Bank Mandiri to channel loans in the context of National Economic Recovery (PEN). This partnership lasted from July to September. The cooperation scheme is channeling, which means that Investree is an extension of Bank Mandiri’s arm to channel financing.

This state-owned company (BUMN) also has the right to determine the recipient of the loan. Bank Mandiri can also take advantage of Investree’s credit scoring technology. This can help companies map which MSMEs are suitable for providing loans, as well as to measure their credit risk.

UangTeman is also collaborating with Bank Sampoerna. With this collaboration, Bank Sampoerna has become an institutional lender on the UangTeman platform. This collaboration is intended to strengthen the distribution of financing to the productive sector, especially MSMEs.

Apart from banking, fintech lending is collaborating with state-owned companies in the regions. Lumbung Dana, for example, collaborates with Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in West Java, PT Jasa Sarana to prepare a loan of IDR 10 trillion to MSMEs. The targeted business actors are customers of the Jabar Energy gas network.

Previously, Chairperson of the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI) Adrian Gunadi said that fintech lending needed to collaborate with the government, banks, and other ecosystems to expand service use. Several potential government sectors are health, social assistance, and foodstuff funds.

Record Monthly Disbursement of Loans in October 2020

Mikhail Tambunan, Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder of Akseleran, admitted that in October 2020 alone, Akseleran’s monthly loan disbursement exceeded IDR 115 billion and became the largest since 2017.

He continued, Akseleran had accumulated loans of more than IDR 1.6 trillion in early November 2020. The loans have been supported by more than 150,000 lenders or retail or individual lenders who are spread evenly from Aceh to Papua.

“The growth in distribution of business loans is also in line with our other efforts to consistently maintain the quality of loan credit, where currently Akseleran’s total NPL stands at 0.21% of total business loans that have been disbursed,” Mikhail said in a written statement, Tuesday. (17/11).

Furthermore, Akseleran has distributed an outstanding loan of IDR 247.82 billion. The number of registered borrowers to date has reached 2,268.