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A Local Startup, LING-GO Offers Online Translator Services

A Local Startup, LING-GO Offers Online Translator Services

Various applications offer easy ways to translate foreign languages. A local startup called LING-GO releases an application that makes it easy to use professional translation services. In this web-based application, anyone who wants to use the services of a professional translator can find out the cost and time of the translation process automatically and quickly.

LING-GO’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ratih Widyasari, said that service users usually need to send e-mails to each other first with a translator to find out the cost and time of the translation process.

A Local Startup, LING-GO Offers Online Translator Services

“Usually you have to reply to emails first. Now all that’s left is uploading the document you want to translate, and the time and cost immediately appear automatically,” Ratih said in his press release, Saturday (4/7).

According to Ratih, documents uploaded by users will later be translated by sworn translators and experienced translators who have official certificates.

“This service is specifically for translating important documents. So the documents will only be translated by sworn translators and certified translators. To guarantee the quality of the results of the translation,” said Ratih.

The documents that are usually translated are agreements, thesis abstracts, and theses, articles, letters, and personal documents.

“Companies usually translate agreements and licenses. Individuals translate their KTP, KK, diplomas, papers. Love letters can, too. Secrets are safe,” he explained.

LING-GO will also Launch a Public Translator Service on Its App

After launching a professional translator service, LING-GO will also launch a public translator service. According to Ratih, the difference between the two services is the person doing the translation. For public translator services, those who do translate are all those who have successfully passed the short test on the LING-GO application.

“Later, anyone who is good at foreign or regional languages ​​can register to be a public translator in the LING-GO application. You don’t have to be the certified ones to join. The important thing is to pass a brief multiple-choice test,” he said.

A Local Startup, LING-GO Offers Online Translator Services

Another difference is in the system and material being translated. Public translator services use crowdsourcing systems. Translated material is not only documents but also sounds and images that contain writing.

“So the system is crowdsourcing. The person asking for the translation can be answered directly by the person registered as a public translator. They can translate funny memes and recorded audio. Quotations from K-pop songs can also be done,” said Ruth.

For public translator services, LING-GO plans to release its mobile applications in IOS and android versions. “The professional one is already available on our website. If the public translator service will be released not only on the website, but later it can be downloaded on Google PlayStore and the app store as well. It’s ready but it’s still final testing we will release soon,” he said.

First Professional Translator Services in Indonesia

This startup said that it was the first translator platform provider in Indonesia that had two translator services, namely public and professional. This platform was developed to provide solutions to people who need more trusted professional translator services with more precise time and cost details.

In addition, LING-GO also responds to the needs of people who have difficulty understanding foreign and local languages ​​by providing public translator services. A public translator can translate almost anything in text, image, or sound to a variety of languages.

A Local Startup, LING-GO Offers Online Translator Services

LING-GO is a startup that focuses on the field of translation. In addition to providing document translator services, LING-GO also provides interpreter services. Foreign languages ​​that are often translated are English, Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, and German. While the regional languages ​​are Javanese, Sundanese, and Minang.

The company claims that the translation results provided are relatively more accurate and natural because they are translated directly by people skilled in the language, in contrast to most machine translators on the internet.