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5 Entertainment Facilities that Coworking Space Tangerang Has

5 Entertainment Facilities that Coworking Space Tangerang Has

The Coworking space Tangerang is now must be having various kinds of facilities to make it wins the competition. It is because there are so many coworking space businesses that you can find at the present time. The one with complete facilities is better.

The most important facility is for sure the coworking area. It must be designed so interestingly and comfortable. However, a coworking space must also provide the areas or facilities where coworkers can take a rest for a while. It can make them not feel so stress.

5 Entertainment Facilities that Coworking Space Tangerang Has

Some facilities can even entertain coworkers. The entertainment room is not always a room with a huge screen where you can see the movie. It is the facility where coworkers can just relax. Sometimes, it is enough for them to make their brain fresh again.

In Tangerang, some coworking spaces there have this kind of facility. The facility seems so simple. However, it can bring a huge impact on coworkers who are working there. Here are some entertainment facilities own by coworking space in Tangerang.

Facilities in Coworking Space Tangerang

1. Beautiful and Neat Garden

Nowadays there are so many coworking spaces in Indonesia, especially in Tangerang that use the green concept. It means that they will place several plants inside the room. Besides, they will also make a beautiful and neat garden in a coworking space area.

The garden can be placed indoor or even outdoor. To support that, the management will place huge glasses around the room. It will make the coworkers are able to enjoy the garden. Well, it is maybe a simple idea. However, it is really loved by the members.

The green plant, trees, and flowers will really entertain coworkers. It can bring a calm and relaxing nuance. It is really beneficial especially when they are stressed because of their job. If it is possible, being able to feel the wind will be interesting too. 

2. Water Elements or Decorations

Bringing the natural nuance inside a coworking space is really beneficial. That is why; some coworking spaces are doing it. They make and place several water decorations for their coworking space. It could be inside or outside the building to entertain the members.

An example is a pond. The management will place several colorful fishes there. Besides, they can also make a flowing water effect in that pond. They can also place a water fountain. The sound of water really will calm your body and soul. 

It will be soothing to you really well. If your job is so stressful and hard to do, try to stop for a while. Just close your eyes and hear the sound of water splashing. You can also stop by and see for the fishes in the pond.

5 Entertainment Facilities that Coworking Space Tangerang Has

3. Café

The next entertainment facility is for sure a café. Nowadays it becomes the common facility that is provided by a coworking space. This place will really entertain you with everything that they have. It can be food, nuance, music, and more.  

If you are hungry or too stressed with your job, stop everything. Visit a café provided by the coworking space. You can order some delicious coffee, food, and drinks there. In that café, the management will also play relaxing or fun music to entertain you.

Eating good food and hearing great music will boost your mood effectively. The atmosphere of that café is also becoming an important aspect of this. All you need to do is just sitting there and enjoy the nuance. 

Sometimes, it can become a place where you can meet a new friend. Talking about everything will make you feel relax. If it is not, you just can play some games on your gadget. After that, you are ready to work again with the new spirit. 

4. Game Center

It is truly a cool entertainment facility provided by a coworking space. Nowadays, game lovers are really much. Most of the coworkers maybe love to play some games too. Providing the game center will be a great interest point to attract more members.

This facility is supported by modern technologies. The examples are computers with amazing performance, comfortable chairs, and also great lightings. This facility really represents the real game center. It is effective to make you fresh. Try to play your favorite game. 

However, you need to check everything. The example does you need to pay to use this facility or not. Sometimes, this facility is included in the package. However, some coworking spaces have a rule that you need to pay again in using this facility.

5. Gym Area

The development of coworking space is really fast. There are so many new and out-of-the-box facilities that are placed there. An example is the gym area. This place is really perfect for you who love to exercise as a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Since it is located in the same area as the coworking space, you can directly go there after work. All you need to do is just bringing your exercise clothes and other equipment which is needed. The examples are like the drink, towel, and more.

To use this facility, please ensure that you knew all the terms and conditions. Try to find out about it. Could you use it for free or it is needed to be a member to use that facility? In addition, try to find the information about the price too.

5 Entertainment Facilities that Coworking Space Tangerang Has

6. Library

The library can be so entertaining. In addition, it will enrich your knowledge about everything. Nowadays there are so many coworking spaces in Tangerang which provide this facility. They complete it with various books collection. It is the right place when you love reading.

Usually, you can use this facility for free. The management will not limit it. It is recommended to visit this library at any time you feel bored because of your job. The management will also place comfortable seats in that library.

Work hard is so important for your life. However, don’t forget to balance your life by getting some entertainment too. That is why; entertainment facility is a crucial aspect. It must be provided by the coworking space Tangerang at the present time.    

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