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Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Interactive Learning Materials

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Interactive Learning Materials

Last week, edtech startup Zenius officially announced its collaboration with entertainment and media company Disney to deliver digital-based interactive learning content for elementary school (SD) students. 

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Interactive Learning Materials

Through this collaboration, ZeniusLand users can access various exclusive content from Disney, Pixar, including the original Tiga Sekawan content from Zenius.

Presented in his virtual event, Zenius Co-founder Wisnu Subekti said that one of the big challenges in the education system in Indonesia is that elementary students do not master basic things. This situation is allowed to accumulate until they reach college level.

This weakness in fundamentals could be due to a number of factors. For example, the curriculum taught is not in accordance with the abilities of students. As a result, teaching activities continue, but students’ abilities do not increase.

“We hope this method can build critical thinking for elementary school students. So, they don’t just memorize it, but are able to apply it in everyday life, there is a learning transfer that occurs. This learning concept can be effective and improve children’s understanding because it combines stories wrapped in visuals and lessons, ” said Vishnu.

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Interactive Learning Materials

Developing Learning Material with Disney

ZeniusLand provides interactive materials consisting of learning videos, exercises, and game-based activities that will encourage children to explore interesting missions. Children are also given the freedom to explore the desired learning content.

They develop and deliver thousands of engaging learning content with Disney. Currently, ZeniusLand has 334 videos (Disney and Zenius Original Series), more than 1,000 questions and learning concepts, and more than 100 characters from 43 Disney movies/series. 

Meanwhile, the Tiga Sekawan web series, which is part of the ZeniusLand learning content, can be accessed for free on your YouTube account.

To access this variety of collaborative content, ZeniusLand installs a subscription fee of IDR 600 thousand per academic year. For the period 17 February to 3 March 2022, users can subscribe for Rp. 300 thousand.

ZeniusLand learning content can be accessed through the ZeniusLand application, which is now available for Android and iOS, and can be accessed at a special price of IDR 300,000 during the flash sale period from 17 February to 3 March 2022.

Zenius Collaborates with Disney to Present Interactive Learning Materials

New Market Segment

Contacted separately, Zenius CEO Rohan Monga also added that the combination of Zenius’ pedagogy with a variety of Disney content can instill a love of learning in children from an early age. 

This can help develop children’s fundamental and critical thinking skills so that they can understand concepts and materials through contextual learning.

ZeniusLand is also equipped with features that help parents to get to know the potential of the fields their children master by referring to the children’s learning reports on a regular basis which are processed in an interesting and easy-to-understand way.

“All of them are designed to build self-motivation and help students learn at their own pace. In the future, we will continue to explore and develop many other innovations that effectively address children’s learning needs,” he said.

In the long term, Rohan said that Zenius wants to be a life-learning platform where this platform can be used by young people to older people as a strategy to increase business scalability. 

The collaboration with Disney is a strategic initiative that is expected to continue in the long term, especially in providing interactive learning content for young people.

“The life-learning platform is an adjacency expansion to the user segment that we have never offered before. Therefore, we think the hybrid learning we are after (the context of Primagama acquisition) can fit into both. We will deliver for elementary schools in the coming years and we can offer hybrid learning for this new segment,” he added.