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Youtap Released a Trade Application to Help MSMEs Players to Go Digital

Youtap Released a Trade Application to Help MSMEs Players to Go Digital

Youtap Indonesia released the Youtap Trade Application. This application is expected to be able to help Youtap partners to Go Digital and adapt to the New Normal era during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, Youtap claims to have had 50 thousand partners since February 2020 and has processed around 1 million transactions.

“This further confirms Youtap’s ability to continue to be a mainstay for business owners at every stage, both for large-scale business entities such as corporations and MSMEs in serving customers and managing their business digitally and modernly,” said Herman, CEO of Youtap Indonesia.

Youtap Released a Trade Application to Help MSMEs Players to Go Digital

Youtap Indonesia’s CEO, Herman Suharto, stated that Youtap was always consistent with the company’s vision to empower business actors. “We present appropriate technology that can help businesses obtain comprehensive digital business solutions in just one application,” said Herman in a written statement.

Herman also believes that the Youtap Trade Application will help its partners, especially MSME players, be more productive in developing their business. “It is time, business actors to Go Digital and run a Steady Business with Youtap,” said Herman.

Features Provided in the Application

The Youtap Trade Application has a number of excellent features such as quick and easy business management, cash and non-cash transactions, as well as other features that are claimed to increase partner productivity.

1. Modern and Comfortable Trade Management

Ease of entering merchandise by scanning the barcode, or selecting from available catalog SKUs, as well as the freedom to add any merchandise.

2. Fast and Safe Sales Transaction Processing

All transactions, both cash and non-cash, will be recorded properly and this application also supports various payment methods and QRIS.

Youtap Released a Trade Application to Help MSMEs Players to Go Digital

3. Measurable Productivity Increase

Support for the Smart Analysis feature on the Youtap Trade Application adopts a display that is expected to provide insight into business development planning. This application also has promo and loyalty features that can help merchant partners to provide attractive offers for their customers.

Currently, the Youtap Trade Application can be downloaded for free via the Google PlayStore (for Android) and the AppStore (for iOS). In the future, Herman promises several other new features that will be coming soon.

“Our focus is to continue to innovate and assist partners to answer all their needs,” Herman concluded.

Collaborated with Semarang City Government to Digitize MSMEs

Semarang City Government (Pemkot) is working with Youtap Indonesia to encourage the digitization of MSME players. Migration to digital technology is becoming increasingly relevant to support business players to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quoted from Youtap’s official statement, Saturday (22/8/2020), the collaboration between the Semarang City Government and Youtap is to realize trade application solutions in the strategic ecosystem of MSMEs, such as markets and street vendors (PKL).

Youtap Released a Trade Application to Help MSMEs Players to Go Digital

Youtap provides comprehensive and effective solutions for traders, including the ability to record sales, manage merchandise, to receive safer cashless payments during a pandemic. The Youtap application is also considered very easy to understand by any age group and can be easily downloaded from a smartphone.

“We really appreciate Youtap’s contribution in his efforts to encourage the digitization of MSME players in the city of Semarang. The existence of a digital ecosystem such as Youtap is able to facilitate access for entrepreneurs to start digital business steps,” said Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi.

In line with the spirit of Moving Together, said Hendra, the government’s efforts to boost the economy, especially in the city of Semarang, will become easier with the cooperation between the government, the private sector, and the community.

“Through the initiatives as well as the facilities provided, it is hoped that the enthusiasm and persistence of business actors in adapting to new normal times can increase significantly so that finally the economic wheels can run smoothly,” he continued.