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Why We Love Startup Business Today


Startup business are businesses that interconnected by the big data and internet, and hence it makes things significantly easier and faster to do things using the startup rather than the conventional business. But there is no such thing as the comparison between the startup business and the conventional business, as those two are very different and also serve different purpose. You can create your own startup or business if you do have what it takes.

Making business is no joke, and thus there are tons of preparation you need to take in order to become a successful businessman or startup founder. First of all, you need to know what your start up stands for. Facebook stands for interconnection and speed of communication, and meanwhile the uber stands for faster movement in traffic. Those two examples are representing their own goals, and thus your Startup business too, needs to stand for something.

Why We Love Startup Business Today
Why We Love Startup Business Today

What Do You Want To Disrupt

Disruption is one of the many things any startup must have, since startup is usually the one who will provide the people on how to do things differently today. You can start accessing the startup and hence learning from them and their type of business, and you can start accessing the money to build your own.  Here are several things you need to do when you are about to start you own startup.

  • Identify the goal and issue

One of the basic things you need to do before starting your own venture in the startup creation is, you need to make sure that your startup can tackle one of the most basic issues mankind has long suffered. For instances, you can created your own startup to give the people the ability to check their own health, instead of waiting in the long queue of a certain hospital and spending so much money and time doing so.

Why We Love Startup Business Today
Why We Love Startup Business Today
  • Plan your business

When it comes to the Startup business planning, you can refer to the white paper of any crypto based startup, since they are more transparent and available, and hence you can use them as the base of your reference. The business planning need to be in detail and scalable so that you can measure it and evaluate it if something does not go according to your own plan. This is a crucial part in building your own startup regardless what business you are about to build.

  • Raise money

When you have an excellent idea and worth business, then you can sell your ideas to make money, or to create a business for it. Many people choose the later, and hence you need to make sure that you have the money to materialize your business plan.

Why We Love Startup Business Today
Why We Love Startup Business Today

How To Collect Money

Money is beyond doubt one of the most important thing you need to have, and hence you need to focus all of your effort into collecting the money. You can do bootstrapping, or to go to the crowd source. Whatever the means will be, you will need money to build your own Startup business.


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