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Celebrating Anniversary, BLOCK71 Bandung Supports the Growth and Development of Digital Startup

Block17 Bandung digital startup ecosystem builder

Celebrating its first anniversary, BLOCK71 Bandung has been working to coloring the landscape of digital startup as an ecosystem builder and global connector. During that time, BLOCK71 Bandung successfully built an ecosystem that housed startups engaged in the digital business sector.

Founded on 25 October 2018, BLOCK71 Bandung, located on Jalan Ir H Djuanda No. 208, Bandung. It was born on the initiative of the National University of Singapore Enterprise and Innovation Factory. BLOCK71 Bandung is a one-stop-hub that supports digital startups in their entrepreneurial journey.

BLOCK71 also links startups with relevant stakeholders and provides facilities that can support the realization of their vision and goals. “BLOCK71 is also a melting pot for startup players and technology communities in Bandung,” Danang Juffry, Hub Manager of BLOCK71, said.

It becomes a place for startup founders and tech enthusiasts to share ideas, collaborate, and realize their ideas. Danang continued that for the past year, his office has sought to build a digital startup ecosystem. Until now, at least 31 startups have joined BLOCK71 Bandung.

Almost 50 percent of these startups came from Bandung while the rest is from various cities in Indonesia, including abroad. “We are here to provide opportunities for startups to develop their businesses. Not only providing coworking space, but we also help them in terms of legal matters to networking.”

BLOCK71 Aims to Encourage Startups Develop Their Innovations

According to Danang, the presence of BLOCK71 Bandung aims to spur the spirit of startups, especially in Bandung to continue developing their innovations in entrepreneurship. With various facilities provided by BLOCK71 Bandung, he hoped that the development of startups, especially in Bandung and Indonesia, will generally increase rapidly.

Furthermore, Danang admitted that developing a startup is not as easy as people can imagine. This is because many challenges are out there to achieve success. Danang also admitted that some startups were out of business because they were unable to face these challenges.

“The main problem is a matter of talent development. We have a problem in the terms of there are many talents needed, but they are not available,” he said. Although there are qualified talents, they are usually recruited by large unicorn startups. Thus, new startups are difficult to compete with.

He also said that in 2012, a digital startup could recruit programmers with salaries equal to the regional minimum wage. But now, the programmer’s salary is much higher than the regional minimum wage. This is another challenge for new startups to deal with the business world.

Mentoring New Startups Is Necessary to Help Them Grow

“Startups who are just starting their business will find it hard (to pay high). There’s no way they could pay expensive programmers. As they want to compete with unicorns, they can’t afford it,” he explained. Therefore, mentoring these startups is necessary to let them grow.

Danang added that through mentoring, startups will be more confident in facing digital business competition. “Moreover, these startups also have the opportunity to expand their reach to the global market through the BLOCK71 network in Singapore, Suzhou, and San Francisco,” he said.

The first anniversary of BLOCK71 Bandung itself was opened with a Kopichat signature event with the theme “Bandung Startup Ecosystem: Rewind and Preview” moderated by Ken Ratri Iswari, CEO of Geekhunter. In this talk show session, startup ecosystem players in Bandung were present as speakers.

They include Andhika Satya Prawira, General Manager of Bandung Digital Valley, Diana Sari, Chair of KST Oorange, Padjadjaran University, and Sonny Rustiadi, Chairperson of The Greater Hub Committee. Meanwhile, Danang Juffry became the host of this session. This event also involved startups in the BLOCK71 community.