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Unicorn Kopi Kenangan Releases New Product, Aims for Gen Z and Millennials

Unicorn Kopi Kenangan Releases New Product, Aims for Gen Z and Millennials

Kopi Kenangan has released a new ready-to-drink coffee product called Kopi Kenangan Just For You. Indonesia’s new unicorn is targeting the generation or gen Z and millennial age group market.

Unicorn Kopi Kenangan Releases New Product, Aims for Gen Z and Millennials

The product was launched after the culinary startup received Series C funding for the first phase of US$ 96 million or around Rp 1.3 trillion.

“Through this funding, we have to innovate to satisfy consumers. One of our new innovations is ready-to-eat coffee products,” said Kopi Kenangan Co-Founder and Chief of Business Development Officer James Prananto at the launch event for Kopi Kenangan Only For You in Jakarta, Monday (17/1).

Ready-to-serve coffee consists of three variants, namely palm sugar coffee (black palm), cappuccino or excino, and avocado aka avocuddle. All three have been sold in modern retail chains such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Indomaret.

The product price is Rp. 9,500. James said, Kopi Kenangan positioned itself in the ready-to-serve coffee market as a premium product. “Our products are 100% pure milk, palm sugar, and original Indonesian coffee beans,” said James.

Kopi Kenangan chose the ready-to-serve coffee market because of its huge potential. According to NielsenIQ data, the average volume growth of this category before the coronavirus pandemic was 20%.

Although it had dropped in 2020 due to Covid-19, its growth strengthened again to 20% last year. “So the potential is still great for this sector,” said James.

Unicorn Kopi Kenangan Releases New Product, Aims for Gen Z and Millennials

Targeting Generation Z and Millennials

Kopi Kenangan also targets Gen Z and millennials in marketing this ready-to-eat coffee product. This is because drinking coffee has become a lifestyle for the second generation of consumers.

James said, despite intensively innovating by launching ready-to-eat products, Kopi Kenangan still doesn’t forget about other products, such as fresh brew. “This ready-to-eat product supports Kopi Kenangan to reach a wider market,” he said.

In November 2021, Kopi Kenangan formed a holding company called Kenangan Brands. The holding houses a number of brands not only coffee, but Roti Story, Chigo, and Sweet Memories.

Currently, Kopi Kenangan has more than 600 outlets in 45 cities in Indonesia. This culinary startup has more than doubled in sales last year. Over the past 12 months, Kopi Kenanganserved 40 million cups of coffee.

This year, the company targets to supply 5.5 million cups per month. The startup also plans to expand overseas. However, this plan is still under review.

“We are committed to rapidly expanding our reach to reach thousands of outlets in Southeast Asia, while at the same time complementing our portfolio with products that can meet market needs,” said Kopi Kenangan CEO and Co-Founder Edward Tirtanata in a press release, last month (27/12/2021).

Unicorn Kopi Kenangan Releases New Product, Aims for Gen Z and Millennials

Invite Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra as Brand Ambassadors

Isyana Sarasvati and Nicholas Saputra were brought together in the Hanya Untukmu project created by a coffee shop, Kopi Kenangan. As fellow coffee connoisseurs, the two were united in the launch of Kopi Kenangan’s first ready-to-drink product, titled Hanya Untukmu.

Unmitigated, because both of them consume coffee almost every day, this singer and actor was immediately partnered with being the brand ambassador for the product.

Not only that, another unique thing about the product launch is the release of a video ad that is quite unique and even enough to make the audience laugh. This is because the video tells how much of a fan Isyana is to Nicholas. 

The 28-year-old woman’s behavior was quite conspicuous and seemed ridiculous because she wanted to meet Nicholas. The concept of this advertisement, in fact, has been thought of by Kopi Kenangan. 

According to James Prananto, Chief of Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Kopi Kenangan, both Isyana and Nicholas are very representative of the Kopi KenanganOnly For You series, which was launched in three flavors, namely Black Aren, Mantancino, and Avocuddle.