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Trawlbens Offers Low Shipping Fee for MSMEs

Trawlbens Offers Low Shipping Fee for MSMEs

Modernization in the world of cargo is inevitable, especially with the emergence of Trawlbens which was born with a big breakthrough for this industry.

The cargo industry in Indonesia is one of the segments that continues to grow in recent years. Not only because the demand from the market is getting bigger, but also because the services provided are getting more modern.

Trawlbens has started serving shipments from Jabodetabek to all over Indonesia since January 2021, the concept of an application-based cargo logistics startup service that has been planned by the founder of Trawlbens, Beni Syarifudin. 

After long and thorough preparations, finally at the beginning of last year this cargo service officially opened its services.

Trawlbens Offers Low Shipping Fee for MSMEs

Trawlbens is the result of the anxiety of its founder and CEO, Beni Syarifudin, who feels that cargo shipping can actually be served at a more economical price.

Get to know Indonesian Startup Trawlbens

Seeing that the price set for shipping to various regions is higher than shipping abroad, then an in-depth assessment was carried out to find an economical solution for shipping throughout Indonesia.

This is the basis for the birth of Trawlbens, to provide a bright spot on shipping matters, so that domestic industries can more easily deliver goods and develop.

“Trawlbens also wants to bring a new breakthrough, with application-based cargo services. Yes, it has an application that you can use to make delivery orders, as easy as using other on-demand applications,” explained the CEO, Beni Syarifudin.

Trawlbens Offers Low Shipping Fee for MSMEs

In the Trawlbens application, you can place an order for delivery of goods by entering the required data. Later in the near future the courier or partner will come to pick up the goods to be sent, and process the goods. 

The goods will be carried, then measured in detail to get the correct postage. The sender will get a notification regarding the postage that will be charged. 

After completing the payment, the goods will be immediately processed for delivery to the destination. Trawlbens believes that with the existence of a service like this, people can make deliveries easier, more practical, and definitely more economical.

Cheap Shipping Fee Starting from IDR 2,500/Kg

Of course, Trawlbens is here as a breakthrough for Indonesian logistics cargo services with many advantages and uniqueness that other cargo services do not have. Not only does it offer benefits for customers who want to make deliveries with the services, but also for people who want to become partners of Trawlbens as a space provider or pick up goods.

“The cheapest price starts from Rp. 2,500/Kg, customers can already enjoy the cargo services we provide. Compared to others, this number is certainly a very low number for MSMEs throughout Indonesia to enjoy,” said Beni Syarifudin, CEO of Trawlbens.

The presence of Trawlbens is for the needs of SMEs which are currently developing and receiving a lot of stimulus from the government, so that the development of SMEs and Indonesia’s economic recovery can run faster.

Although Trawlbens is currently providing such good services, the company continues to develop its business in order to become the largest cargo logistics service in Indonesia.

Trawlbens Offers Low Shipping Fee for MSMEs

Updates to the application will be carried out in the near future in order to improve some minor bugs, and in the near future will also be present in the App Store.

Trawlbens is also dedicated to continue to be able to help SMEs and other small-scale industries to continue to grow, by providing the cheapest postage to various locations in Indonesia.

Of course, at the same time Trawlbens is also ready to be the best partner for large industries and senior industry players. With a large shipping tonnage capacity, Trawlbens is able to send all types of goods to various locations in Indonesia with the cheapest postage.

Trontons, forklifts, building materials, factory production equipment, and so on can all be shipped cheaply and conveniently with the Trawlbens service. 

With the advantages and innovations provided by Trawlbens above, of course practically it will be the best for the cargo logistics segment.