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Traveloka and Tiket.com Tactics if the New Tourism Business Recovers

Traveloka and Tiket.com Tactics if the New Tourism Business Recovers 2024

Traveloka and Tiket.com have penetrated the food delivery business to health services during the corona pandemic. The two have prepared another strategy, considering that epidemiologists estimate that Indonesia’s tourism sector will only recover in 2024.

Last week, Griffith University Australia’s epidemiologist Dicky Budiman assessed that the tourism and creative economy sectors were only at a survival stage this year.

Then enter the recovery phase next year, when the opening of tourist destinations mostly focuses on domestic tourists (80%). Then tourist visits will be increased in 2023, namely 100% domestic and 50% foreign.

Traveloka and Tiket.com Tactics if the New Tourism Business Recovers

Only in 2024, this sector is predicted to fully recover. To overcome the impact of the prolonged corona pandemic, Traveloka and Tiket.com have prepared a number of strategies.

Traveloka’s Strategy in Facing the Pandemic

Traveloka does at least four ways, namely:

1. Entering the food delivery business

Traveloka has entered the food delivery business through Traveloka Eats Delivery. Traveloka Chief Operating Officer Alfan Hendro said the company partnered with tens of thousands of restaurants in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek).

This is to anticipate the situation that continues to develop. We quickly prepare a strategy that will continue to be sharpened in line with the changing situation, said Alfan, last weekend (4/9).

Since its launch last year, the number of visits or traffic for Traveloka Eats Delivery has almost doubled on an annual basis (year on year/yoy) as of July.

2. Providing health services

Traveloka is collaborating with more than 140 partners to provide Covid-19 test services. Currently, there are more than 850 choices of coronavirus test products, both in-clinic and drive-thru. There have been 600,000 Covid-19 test orders using the Traveloka platform.

Traveloka and Tiket.com Tactics if the New Tourism Business Recovers

3. Launched various new features

One of them, released Traveloka Clean Partner, which encourages accommodation partners to implement strict health protocols. To date, the company has collaborated with more than 11 partners in various countries through this new service.

Traveloka also makes a virtual tour feature, namely Online Xperience Virtual Tour. The virtual tour is packaged with a live broadcast method (live streaming). According to Alfan, Online Xperience Virtual Tour bookings have increased even during the corona pandemic.

But he did not specify the numbers. He only said that the number of daily users increased by 100% over the past year.

4. Focus on financial services

Albert Zhang, Co-Founder of Traveloka said that the company will focus on financial services to make a profit this year. This unicorn is also preparing to list its initial shares, aka IPO.

Four Tiket.com Strategies in the Midst of a Pandemic

Tiket.com has also prepared at least four strategies to anticipate the length of the corona pandemic. The steps in question are as follows:

1. Expanding health services

This tourism service provider startup or online travel agent (OTA) also provides a Covid-19 test reservation feature. In addition, registration of coronavirus vaccinations.

Traveloka and Tiket.com Tactics if the New Tourism Business Recovers

2. Tighten health protocols

Tiket.com also creates CLEAN ticket labels for operator partners that meet health protocol standards.

In addition, developing quarantine programs for the general public at hotels or Long Stay Package hotels in Java and Bali. There is also a VACCation Rewards incentive program for lodging guests who present a vaccine card.

3. Develop entertainment services

Tiket.com has launched a To-Do service that includes activities that can be done virtually, such as online classes, webinars, film premiere galas, podcasts to live streaming tickets for celebrity events.

4. To-Do service transactions increased by 1.100% yoy in the second quarter.

The OTA startup also recorded an increase in transactions on other services. Demand for airline tickets, for example, rose 400%. Accommodation transactions increased by 600%. Then, the number of downloads for the Tiket.com application also increased 2.5 times yoy.

Based on this, it can be seen that the public’s desire to plan a return trip is gradually recovering, said Public Relations Manager of Tiket.com Sandra Darmosumarto.