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Tokocrypto and BRI Ventures Launch Blockchain Accelerator Program

Tokocrypto and BRI Ventures Launch Blockchain Accelerator Program

After the launch of TokoLaunchpad version 2.0 at the end of 2021, Tokocrypto is now collaborating with BRI Ventures through the Sembrani Wira Akselerator initiative to develop the Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator (TSBA).

Tokocrypto and BRI Ventures Launch Blockchain Accelerator Program

This program aims to empower startup projects with blockchain technology and tokenization in Indonesia. Tokocrypto CEO Pang Xue Kai called this collaboration an achievement because it managed to win the trust of one of the CVCs under the auspices of the Indonesian state-owned bank, BRI Ventures.

The hope is that this accelerator program can develop the ecosystem. And have an impact on the startup and blockchain industry in Indonesia.

We hope that this collaboration can be an accelerator of various Web3 initiatives and the development of the metaverse ecosystem. Moreover, we have two developing venture funds, namely Sembrani Nusantara and Sembrani Kiqani, which focus on funding in the non-fintech sector, said BRI Ventures CEO Nicko Widjadja in an official statement.

Accelerator Program and Participant Criteria

Tokocrypto and BRI Ventures Launch Blockchain Accelerator Program

Through TSBA, the two companies established an accelerator program that provides extensive modules specifically designed to bring blockchain projects and startups to the world stage.

This program covers various aspects such as the development of blockchain technology itself, economic value or tokenomics, team culture formation, assistance for listings, and fundraising.

The criteria for blockchain projects for this program are startups that already have validation in terms of capital or early-stage funding. Then, companies are also required to have their own blockchain technology and a smart contract development plan. Then, the company must already have a tokenomics working product or white paper.

Markus Liman Rahardja, VP of Investment and Business Development at BRI Ventures who was also present at the MoU signing event in Seminyak, Bali (20/1) highlighted that two aspects of fundraising, namely crypto fundraising and venture fundraising, will be the focus of BRI Ventures’ participation.

BRI Ventures itself has invested in more than 18 startups, both fintech and non-fintech, and launched two venture funds, which were attended by Grab Ventures, Celebes Capital, Mahanusa Capital, Buana Investment, Pulau Intan, and several family businesses.

The Sembrani Nusantara Venture Fund, which was launched in early 2021, has invested in the agritech sector such as Sayurbox, the new retail sector such as Haus!, Brodo, Yummy Corp, and the logistics sector such as Andalin. Meanwhile, the new Sembrani Kiqani Venture Fund was launched in early 2022. With a focus on the D2C or consumer brands sector and the metaverse.

Providing A Hub for Crypto Activists

Tokocrypto and BRI Ventures Launch Blockchain Accelerator Program

During 2021, Tokocrypto guerrillas launched various initiatives to develop a crypto asset ecosystem in Indonesia. Starting from launching its own token (TKO) in April, inaugurating the NFT marketplace platform (TokoMall) in August, to collaborating with Bekind to develop various CSR programs through TokoCare.

Along with the launch of TSBA, Tokocrypto officially introduced T-Hub which is located in Batubelig, Bali. This is expected to be a means of education and community gathering to discuss and develop various ideas to encourage the development of crypto investment in Bali. Previously, Tokocrypto had previously operated a T-hub located in Senayan, Jakarta.

As a legitimate crypto asset marketplace, Tokocrypto feels it is imperative to be able to accommodate every activity that has the potential to develop a crypto asset ecosystem.

Because one way for blockchain and crypto assets to take root and grow in this industry is through connection. Therefore, Tokocrypto wants to bridge all the needs related to the development of crypto assets in the midst of the existing traditional financial system, concluded Kai.

Outside of TSBA, to date, there have been various startups and projects that have participated in the ongoing TokoLaunchpad incubator program. Some of these include Play it Forward DAO, Avarik Saga and Nanovest. Kai also mentioned that there are more than 15 startupsand projects that are still in the exploratory stage.

For information, the registration process for the TSBA accelerator program will close on February 10, 2022. Then participants who pass the selection will be announced on February 14, 2022. While the accelerator kick-off will begin on February 21, 2022.