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Tiket.com, Loket and Traveloka’s Strategy to Survive from Covid-19

Tiket.com, Loket and Traveloka’s Strategy to Survive from Covid-19

The corona pandemic affected many sectors of the economy, including startups providing services for events and travel. Nevertheless, Tiket.com, Loket, and Traveloka prepared a strategy to continue to serve users.

Tiket.com has a campaign called ‘Berbagi Sehat’. Through the program, users can exchange a certain number of TIX points on the platform. TIX Points are the loyalty points that users get when ordering flight or hotel tickets on the platform.

Tiket.com, Loket and Traveloka’s Strategy to Survive from Covid-19

As a result, the company will use it to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel throughout Indonesia. “We can help those who are struggling against Covid-19 through the TIX Point donation channel,” Campaign Manager at Tiket.com Muhammad Anugraha Arisha said in a press release, last weekend (28/3).

Since February, the pilot company has also provided Health Packs containing masks and hand sanitizers to the public at Lebak Bulus MRT Station, Senayan MRT Station, and Airport Transfer Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta Airport. In addition, in collaboration with Citilink, hand sanitizers, masks, and herbal drinks are distributed to passengers.

Yosi Marhayati, Senior Public Relations Executive Officer, had said international ticket sales had declined since the coronavirus was endemic in China. Whereas domestic sales remained normal until mid-March.

“Until now the decline has indeed occurred for international products, both flight products, and hotels,” Yosi told Katadata.co.id, mid-March (13/3).

The sales trend of the online travel agent (OTA) sector is indeed in the low season phase due to the beginning of the year. It’s just that, Yosi noted that ticket sales have plummeted since the positive case of the coronavirus in the country. “The community has limited travel activities,” Yosi said.

Loket Collaborates with Event Creator to Organize Online Events

Whereas Loket, a startup that provides event and entertainment service providers under Gojek, manages various events online on special pages with various topics on the platform. The company also cooperates with a number of event creators.

Tiket.com, Loket and Traveloka’s Strategy to Survive from Covid-19

VP Marketing Loket Ario Adimas said, the corona pandemic made it difficult for event creators to provide services. “We hope that organizing an online event can be a solution for event creators to stay productive in a safe corridor,” he said in a press release, last weekend (26/3).

In addition to special pages, event creators can list their event types as online events. LOCKET will spread the live streaming event link online via e-voucher. Based on internal company data, several event creators have tried out online events or webinars before the corona pandemic.

One of them is done by an independent financial consulting company, Jouska. During the period from January to mid-March 2020, there were more than 40 online Jouska events that have been held through Loket.com.

Demand for Refunds and Rescheduling in Traveloka Increases Tenfold

In addition to Tiket.com and Loket, Traveloka was affected by a corona pandemic. Requests for help with refunds and changing schedules for airline and hotel tickets have increased 10-fold due to the pandemic.

Tiket.com, Loket and Traveloka’s Strategy to Survive from Covid-19

The country’s unicorn also strengthened the back end system to meet the demand. This startup based on digital travel and lifestyle service providers noted that there were thousands of requests for assistance within a minute.

The request came from the telephone, email, application, social media and other channels. Traveloka’s Chief Marketing Officer Dionisius Nathaniel urges users to check the Terms and Conditions set by each partner including airlines, hotels, and others.

In addition, ensure the provisions listed on the e-voucher owned. “We continue to coordinate intensively with all partners regarding the latest policies for the Covid-19 situation. However, we also request the user’s willingness to send written information from the airline or hotel if the information received is different from what we submit,” Dionisius said in a press release last week (23/3).