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Economy is based on the wealth creation, and as the wealth creation goes, startup company has become incrementally replacing the old conventional business in the term of disruption or new ways of doing things. We are entering the age of startup, in which people are competing each other to create the best and the most disruptive startup in the world. The most disruptive and global scale startup are usually the one who will win the competition and become dominant player in the market.

Although seems heterogonous, the market of startup seems pretty based and common, which are the generation of young and tech savvy, as the peopl e who are familiar with high tech gadget are usually younger and relatively easier in operating the startup apps. the startup company then will aggressively pursue such market share, and thus they can start accessing so many new customer on the basis of market share and their tech familiarity, and hence they can grow and expand.

The Age of Startup Company
The Age of Startup Company

How To Maintain Your Startup

Business without customer is simply non existent, and hence customer is one of the most important pillar of the business. the market share is available to pursue, but you need to understand that all startup player, including the competitor are also pursuing the same market share, and hence you need to be able to extract the most out of the market in order to win. Here are some basic advice in doing so.

  • Conduct a successful marketing

Marketing is one of the most important thing you need to do when you are building a startup, regardless what form it is. Market awareness and also the product familiarity are very important for you to maintain, and thus you need to have some aggressive and effective marketing conduct. You can start leaning on how to do that by reading some material in books or articles.

The Age of Startup Company
The Age of Startup Company
  • Pinpoint your market

There is no such thing as wholesale range of customer, as every rational business are usually the one who will be targeting their market share in the exact range, such as their age, sexes, occupation and so on. Those are very important market segment, and once you have pinpoint such segment, then you can pursue them relentlessly in the market, and hence winning the competition.

  • Build your presence in your market segment

Presence is one of the most important thing for you to consider, and hence once you have built up your presence, then the people will start becoming more and more familiar with your business, and start accessing your business as a customer. You need to do everything you can, from advertisement to appointing brand ambassador for your business.

The Age of Startup Company
The Age of Startup Company

Losing Money Is Normal

In business, losing money is considered and investment, and a good businessman are the one who are able to conduct a successful investment. This means that you cannot just cower and despair when you lose money, as that is the part of the story of any startup company you can ever encounter.