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Tech – Gift for Gadget Addict, Try These Most Expensive Gadgets

Tech - Gift for Gadget Addict, Try These Most Expensive Gadgets

If you are a gadget addict, then some of the most expensive gadgets ever are in this post. You probably can afford them if you are 1 percent. But, it doesn’t mean you can shop digitally. Since 2008, holiday spending has increased every year.

Moreover, because of COVID-19, 2020 has become the quarantine year and many people need to buy goods via online. As usual, much of the money was spent on new technology. Of course, we agree. But, it can’t be said that every gadgets are worth buying.

Tech - Gift for Gadget Addict, Try These Most Expensive Gadgets

There is a reduced point of return with almost every expensive item purchased. For instance, if you buy digital toys, it will be depreciate once the box opens. These technology and computing products below are great and expensive.

When you want to buy a few toys to get a second mortgage, your class is yours. There is no joke about these two products. They do exist and somewhere, someone buys them with a certain price. 

Pay attention to what you cannot afford. If you do have money to burn, just check out the expensive gadgets that are worth splurge. Always be as wise as possible as a gadget for addict and use them for good purposes.

Apple Watch 

The maker of glamour goods, the name Hermes has been closely related to this watch since 2015. An updated version is in the Hermes Series 6 and the smartwatch’s price has been raised by $1,499.

Because of its silver stainless steel case with a brown (Ébène) or black (Noir Swift) leather single touring buckle (almost similar to a belt buckle, but it isn’t) so all can be fitted in one size. With $539, the separate bands can always be got.

Gardyn for Gadget Addict

Seeing more services and tech gadget you can pay exorbitant amounts of money, gardyn membership is needed to be considered. Per month, $29 is the cost, or to get unlocked, you can pay $39. If you want more than 10 crops, you pay more.

What you get is a Hybriponic growth system so all of your products can be grown in your apartment or home in Gardyn Home’s light/water/planter in just 2 square feet without the need for a constant line of H2O or for full sun windows.

You can monitor crops in the app by using its camera. The crops appear in yCube cubes full of seed and can be picked each month. They compare to kuring cups that you put in the Home column. Monitor each growth and just harvest what you need.

Tech - Gift for Gadget Addict, Try These Most Expensive Gadgets

Cassette Player

Paid $499.99 for the 1980’s Exodus JBL Boombox, it is a ridiculous thought. But, this cassette player with the huge size is not your dad’s. This JBL’s speaker is from any Bluetooth source. It is a speaker for big audio and it works better poolside since it is waterproof.

It is also large, 13 pounds, 10.1 H height x 19.1 weight x 7.9 depth (in inches). Also, with its necessary grip on top, when you take it waling, it still can be balanced on your shoulders, damaging passers-by and your eardrums.

Rollable TV from LG

Lucky Goldstar Korea has grown rapidly. A few years after captivating everyone at ECS with the technology now the rollable TV is shipped for the first time by LG electronics. The RX model of Signature OLED costs $87.00 and South Korea is the only country that provides it now.

The look of this great and smart tech is more like an aluminum stand with brush and built-in speakers, just sitting alone until the screen is off when the flexible 65-inch OLED screen opens and rises.

Interactive Whiteboard

This is like an eternal, expensive device that is really can be used for office or a very rich man. This year version 2S of Microsoft surface is coming out. It is the perfect meeting platform and digital whiteboard for all office applications users and Microsoft Teams.

There is an embedded 4K camera, remote microphone, 4K + display with 61.6 pounds weight. Apart from that, there are many accessories you can use, such as a smarthone. For $21,999 get this great gadget at your headquarters.

Graphics Card

You may have known of this new immense graphics card. It is an Nvidia’s Titan Series and the best flagship of it with prices starting at $1,499. As a gadget addict maybe you have heard of it because it is really hard to get to.

Electric Bike (Vintage’s Shelby)

Want to be like a boss driving around town but feel bored with the toughness of a scoter or the expense of a car? You will need a bike especially one that pedaling alone. Each unit is priced at %7,249 outright and there will be only 300 bikes that will be sold.

The designer of this vehicle is Carroll Shelby. It is a vintage bike with powerful electricity with speeds per hour up to 36 miles and after plugged in for 4.5 hours, the charging range is up to 75 miles.

Tech - Gift for Gadget Addict, Try These Most Expensive Gadgets

Electric Jetboard (YuJet Surfer)

If you want a jetski or surfing in but there is not enough waves but don’t like a handle for balancing yourself, YuJet Surfer is the answer. You can drive it with one battery power. It also saves the environment.

It means you can surf at a top speed of 24 mph but it is almost completely quiet. The jet module can be repaired easily and detachable. It is also easy to be recovered if you fall since it has a wireless remote.

Google Meet Series One

We do all these video meetings at home, it is not enough. But now, when we get back to the office they want us to do it. Come on, if necessary, you can do worse than the kit made by Lenovo (Google meet series one).

Depending on the room size, this gadget is completed with 20.3-megapixel smart camera, 2.5 inch woofer, Mic Pod microphones, audio bar, all powered by a dedicated Chrome OS system. The large room version costs $3,999, the medium room $2,999, and the small room is $2, 6999.

Eventually, it is needs to always have a plan when you decided to give a gift to someone. Take a decision based on your budget. It can be hard to follow the digital world. So don’t be careless when choosing your gadgets, and always be a smart gadget addict.