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Targeting YouTubers and Online Sellers, HiPajak Provides Tax Report Service

Targeting YouTubers and Online Sellers, HiPajak Provides Tax Report Service

PT Investa Hipa Teknologi launched the HiPajak application last week (29/1). The company is targeting segments of freelancers such as YouTubers and Celebrities, as well as online merchants who sell in e-commerce.

The company is targeting 1 million annual tax reports(SPT) through its platform this year. “The form is a kind of campaign to help the government in taxation,” HiPajak CEO Tracy Tardia said in Jakarta last week (1/29).

Targeting YouTubers and Online Sellers, HiPajak Provides Tax Report Service

Tracy is also targeting 100 thousand users by 2020. Therefore, HiPajak focuses on targeting the freelance and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) segments that calculate their tax rates.

In contrast to employees whose taxes are deducted and paid directly by the company where they work. “We will work together with the community, e-commerce, and banking,” Tracy said. Besides, the growth of non-employee workers is very fast.

Based on the performance report of the Directorate General or the Directorate General of Taxes in 2018, non-employee taxpayers grew 74.28% over the previous year (year on year / yoy). Therefore, the company provides a platform to facilitate casual workers to pay and report taxes.

So far, HiPajak has collaborated with Blibli.com. “In the future, there will be more cooperation with e-commerce. Because there will be new regulations regarding e-commerce related to tax,” he said.

Using AI to Facilitate Tax-Compliant Communities

HiPajak also supports the Indonesian digital economy by using artificial intelligence technology that prioritizes the convenience of digital users, especially non-employee personal taxpayers, microbusinesses, and MSMEs.

“In this industrial era 4.0, the character of business has changed to become very dynamic and oriented towards solving problems more simply. HiPajak provides the right solution, especially for millennials who are enthusiastic about working in the digital world and prioritize practicality. So if you can save money why do you have to pay expensively. All problems related to income tax can be overcome in just one application. Taxes are paid stress-free,” Tracy Tardia, as the CEO of HiPajak, said through her official statement.

Targeting YouTubers and Online Sellers, HiPajak Provides Tax Report Service

HiPajak overcomes obstacles surrounding taxation. Starting from confusing tax terms, complicated form contents, and tax calculations.

In contrast to employees whose income tax has been taken care of by related companies, non-conventional professions have more challenges because they have to do it independently following applicable procedures. Therefore, HiPajak will assist the entire management process from start to finish.

The HiPajak application has five main features starting from the features of Tax Recommendations, Tax Record and Calculation, and Tax Consultation. For the Pay Tax and Report Tax features are under development.

Users can choose two packages offered; Free and Premium. As the name implies, Premium packages offer paid services that can be tailored to the needs and have affordable prices.

All features facilitated by HiPajak can be operated only through the chat process to make it easy for users. Even people who are unfamiliar with taxes can easily use the HiPajak application.

HiPajak Targets Collaboration with DG Taxes in 2020

However, HiPajak has not been an official partner of the Directorate General of Taxes to date. Payment of new taxes can be done through a bank. HiPajak works with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk to serve its users in paying taxes.

Targeting YouTubers and Online Sellers, HiPajak Provides Tax Report Service

The company targets to become an official partner of the Directorate General of Tax this year. “That is our target. But there are many processes. After registration is opened, the process is still long. We now want to prove it first,” he said.

That way, Tracy claims its platform can calculate user taxes and provide consultation using chatbots. For usage fees, HiPajak applies the promo price at the beginning of the launch. For those who want to subscribe, the price is Rp. 25 thousand per month. While for MSMEs under Rp. 300 thousand per month.