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Startup Pahamify Received Funds of IDR 2 Billion from Y Combinator

Startup Pahamify Received Funds of IDR 2 Billion from Y Combinator

Pahamify’s Founder and Chief Product Officer, Mohammad Ikhsan said the startup was getting startup accelerator funding, Y Combinator. According to him, the startup in the education sector received funding of US$ 150 thousand or around IDR 2 billion

“We will use it to continue developing Pahamify’s content and applications,” Ikhsan said when contacted on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

He said that currently there is only material for high school, and in the future, Pahamify will develop the material for junior high school and learning material for teachers. Y Combinator is a startup that also funds large companies, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and one of the startups in Indonesia, PayFazz.

Startup Pahamify Received Funds of IDR 2 Billion from Y Combinator

The US-based company, he said, besides pouring funding to advance startups, also provided business coaching to Pahamify for three months in Mountain View & San Francisco, California. “There we learned from founders and senior technology companies in the Silicon Valley,” he said.

As for earlier this week, Pahamify opened an online learning class program. It responds to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Indonesia which has an impact on the disruption of community activities including teaching and learning activities in schools.

“This program is designed to ensure that students continue to have the right to study in a comfortable and safe way,” Pahamify’s founder and CEO Syarif Rousyan Fikri said in a written statement.

Pahamify and Linkaja Collaborate to Advance Education In Indonesia

As a national electronic money service from and for Indonesia, LinkAja continues to collaborate progressively with various digital platforms created by the nation’s children.

Seeing the significant development of the education sector in the past few years, LinkAja is now available as a digital payment option on Pahamify, an online learning application that promotes quality content, with thousands of animated premium learning videos, quizzes, and lesson summaries.

Startup Pahamify Received Funds of IDR 2 Billion from Y Combinator

Through the collaboration between LinkAja and Pahamify, class X, XI, and XII high school students can be facilitated in choosing non-cash payment methods and enjoying access to online learning anywhere and anytime.

Haryati Lawidjaja as Daily Operations Acting Director of LinkAja said that LinkAja’s collaboration with Pahamify is a form of corporate concern in the online-based education sector.

“After being present to provide ease of transactions at 26 universities in Indonesia, we hope that the convenience that LinkAja provides in the payment method in this application will increasingly encourage students to become accustomed to transacting non-cash, becoming practical solutions that are safe, comfortable, and easy, and ultimately increasing Indonesia’s financial inclusion on a massive scale, “he said.

Through This Partnership, Linkaja Offers Attractive Promos for Pahamify Users

Mohammad Ikhsan as Director of Pahamify said that the cooperation between Pahamify and LinkAja will facilitate access to our application for students throughout Indonesia. With the convenience of paying offered by LinkAja, friends can trade easily.

Startup Pahamify Received Funds of IDR 2 Billion from Y Combinator

“So that their focus can go directly to something far more important, like the process of learning and pursuing their goals,” he said.

The price offered in purchasing online learning packages at Pahamify is relatively affordable. If you use LinkAja as your payment method, the subscription price for the package for one month is IDR 70,000, while for the duration of 1.5 years is IDR 550,000.

In addition to the monthly package, there are packages for preparation of the Computer Based Written Examination (UTBK) in the form of online tryouts with prices ranging from IDR 25,000 to IDR 250,000. During March 2020, LinkAja also presented several attractive promos, in the form of a 10% cashback with a maximum nominal of IDR 25,000 for every study package purchase, as well as a cashback of IDR 35,000 for each purchase of a UTBK online tryout.