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Startup McEasy Raises Initial Funding from East Ventures

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Logistics vehicle management and tracking SaaS startup McEasy announced a $1.5 million (approximately IDR 22 billion) seed funding from East Ventures. The funds will be used to build logistics technology, recruit marketing and sales teams to reach more users.

“Smart tracking systems are not new in the automotive and industrial world, but we know how to integrate existing hardware, from sensors to GPS, with our platform to be the right solution,” said McEasy Co-Founder Raymond Sutjiono in an official statement, Tuesday (14/9).

“With the business plan that has been designed, we believe that funds from investors will drive the company’s growth exponentially,” he added.

Startup McEasy Raises Initial Funding from East Ventures

East Ventures Partner Melisa Irene added that at this time the application of technology solutions to drive increased asset management efficiency and achieve customer satisfaction is the main key in winning the competition in the logistics industry.

“McEasy has succeeded in providing solutions and products that are suitable for various players in the Indonesian logistics industry to help them identify the potential of the logistics market that is currently developing until the post-pandemic. We are delighted to welcome McEasy to the East Ventures ecosystem,” he said.

Industry Growth Momentum

This startup was founded in 2017 by Raymond Sutjiono and Hendrik Ekowaluyo. Both have experience working at Ford.

Hendrik is in structural design and in-car program management, while Raymond is an expert in engine electronics, system control, and vehicle data handling.

Both pioneered McEasy as a digitalization catalyst in the B2B logistics and transportation industry. So far, logistics transportation management in Indonesia still has a number of challenges.

Startup McEasy Raises Initial Funding from East Ventures

Among them, the limited integration from one party to another, even though they are still in the same supply chain.

Next, business operational processes tend to rely on manual methods with complicated administration, so that the digitization process has not run smoothly, and automation and optimization systems to simplify logistics operations which are also not maximized.

According to the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI), Indonesia’s logistics industry business growth potential from year to year is around 40 trillion Rupiah ($2.8 billion). Based on Redseer’s analysis, the industry has seen up to 100% growth during the pandemic.

Solutions Offered by McEasy

McEasy provides two solutions, namely Vehicle Smart Management System (VSMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) & Smart Driver Apps.

VSMS is a smart tracker-based digital solution to assist logistics operations and real-time tracking of vehicle locations.

Meanwhile, TMS is a SaaS for integrated planning, implementation, monitoring, and optimization of freight forwarding processes.

Through integration in Smart Driver Apps, McEasy customers can track their vehicle position and all operational costs transparently, without the hassle of checking them manually.

Both of these solutions can be used by logistics business players, from manufacturing & distribution companies to large brand companies that already have their own fleet or are integrated with logistics service providers.

Startup McEasy Raises Initial Funding from East Ventures

McEasy Co-Founder Hendrik Ekowaluyo added that the main strength of its service lies in its flexible platform, which is a solution to every customer’s needs. 

Different from other software providers, they will usually explore the client’s main problem, then explain how to use elements on our platform to solve the problem.

“For example, logistics company A has problem X, so we will look for the most optimal settings on the platform and guide the client using those settings as a solution. In terms of scalability, this business concept is much more sustainable because we just have to explore the features in the platform without having to create different software every time,” he said.

McEasy uses a subscription-based business model (subscription) and provides solutions that can be tailored to the scale of the customer’s business, such as 3PL, 4PL, distributor, or brand owner.

To date, the areas covered by McEasy’s digital solutions include Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.